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 Protect WordPress Files Effortlessly

PDA Gold helps secure unlimited WordPress files and all file types including but not limited to MP4, PDF, and PPTX. What's more, directory browsing is also disabled. You can even protect future uploaded files automatically.

 Block Files' Original Links

You can not only stop Google and other search engines from indexing your files but also prevent unwanted users to access them directly. No one could be able to view your private files anymore.

 Simple and Easy to Use

Built with our users in mind, we come up with a simple popup for you to protect each and every file. It takes you less than two single clicks to protect multiple files at once and just one click to protect your future uploaded files.

 Restrict File Access to Paid Members

Restrict your protected file access to all logged-in users, specific user roles or custom members of your membership website. Give different users different file access permissions with ease.

 Expire Private Download Links

Create unlimited private download links to share your private files with certain people outside your website. Expire these links automatically within a number of clicks or date for better security.

 Update Instantly by just “One-Click”

Updating Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold plugin and extensions is never easier. New features? Bugs Update? One click and you’re done! We make updates easy so you always feel safe and carefree.


Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold

I'm pleased with Prevent Direct Access Gold

“I want to say that I’m pleased with your product. Since I’ve been using it, I have not discovered any plagiarizing.
– Darlene Lancer, author of Codependency For Dummies 

Great plugin and extensions that don't Slow down your site!

“Great plugin and extensions that protect content and don’t slow down your site, unlike many media protection plugins out there!! Support is always on hand, speedy and thorough.”
– Edward Wilkins, UK,

A Must-have Plugin!

“If you are attracting users to your websites by offering valuable downloads to your readers, this plugin is a must-have. You'll be offering great value to your loyal subscribers, whilst making sure your hard-work is not being abused and downloaded directly. The team behind the plugin is also fantastic to deal with”
David Attard, Founder, CollectiveRay

Prevent Direct Access - The Number One Plugin to Protect WordPress Media Files & Restrict File Access

Brilliant, Impressive and GREAT SUPPORT!

“While it took a couple of days to get all the kinks worked out, once it was running, it works *brilliantly*! Support was responsive, friendly, and on top of their game.

This is far more involved than your typical plugin. Server-level redirects and access rules must be configured. No two environments are identical. It’s impressive they can deliver the promised functionality across hosting platforms, including with NGINX rather than Apache. Good job!”
– Gordon Seirup, US,

Does Exactly What it Says!

“Easy to configure and works as advertised. I got the gold version for the extended features, and I’m very happy with it. I had a few questions and support got back to me in a quick and professional manner! 5/5 stars for sure.”
 Ruben, Norway, Agency Owner


“I want to thank your team. I would have probably put a lot more time without your help as I'm not a computer scientist. Especially interested in the extension (PDA Protect WordPress Videos) which is easy to use and does the job I expected. Superb!
Your team has been responsive, patient and professional!”
– Lukas, France,

PERFECT Solution & Awesome Support

“This plug-in was everything I was hoping for and more. So grateful I found it and the support is stellar. They go above and beyond if needed even working longer hours. Easy to use, intuitive and perfect for protecting my digital files with custom options to do so. Thank you PDA Gold!”
 Nancy Beaton, Canada


Great Products!

“I purchased Prevent Direct Access Gold and Download Link Restriction Extension. Both great products that are easy to use and do what they so they will. I also enjoyed excellent and prompt support. Well done.”
– Regan Kendrick, New Zealand



“Thanks sooooo much for your support. You’ve been doing a great job so far in fulfilling my needs with regard to page restrictions.”
– Martie, South Africa

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Unparalleled Customer Support

Found a bug? Have a question? Need help? Wanna request a new feature?

We are here to help! We always want to hear from you so that we can keep improving our plugins as well as our documentation. Many customers tell us they fall in love Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold and that they never expected and experienced this kind of “awesome” support that we provide.

You will never know until you try.

I never have gotten support like this before!

“Thanks for the quick response to my previous issue. You guys are amazing, This is Sunday! I wasn’t expecting such a quick answer. I never have gotten support like this before!”

Deborah Hemstreet

This kind of aftersales support is unfortunately quite rare these days

“Thanks for all the effort you’re putting in! You’re doing a really great job and that kind of aftersales support, is unfortunately quite rare these days. So thanks again!”

Ivo Bradica

Thank you so much for all of your help and quick responses!

“I have the Gold version up, and everything seems to be working great! Thank you so much for all of your help and quick responses! ”

Sarah Wick

Awesome customer support. Keep the good work!

“This plugin's customer support has been working awesome to me. I seek help for twice, they were very helpful and giving prompt answer to me. And they have completely fixed my issue in the end. Keep the good work!”


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