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 Protect WordPress Files Effortlessly

Prevent Direct Access Gold helps secure unlimited WordPress files and all file types. What's more, directory browsing is also disabled. You can even protect future uploaded files automatically.

 Grant Access to Your Subscribers

Our plugin not only protects your files from unwanted users but also allows some specific roles of your website such as your subscribers and contributors to access those protected files at the same time.

 Simple and Easy to Use

Built with our users in mind, we come up with a simple popup for you to protect each and every file. It takes you less than two single clicks to protect multiple files at once and just one click to protect your future uploaded files.

 Block Files' Original Links

You can not only stop Google and other search engines from indexing your files but also prevent unwanted users to access them directly. No one could be able to view your private files anymore.

 Expire Download Links

Not only can you protect your WordPress files but also their download links. You can either deactivate the download links manually or automatically expire them within a number of clicks or date.

 Update Instantly by just “One-Click”

Updating “Prevent Direct Access” plugin and extensions is never easier. New features? Bugs Update? One click and you’re done. We make updates easy so you always feel safe and carefree.

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