4 Ways to Quickly Add Audio Playlist in WordPress

It’s evident that visual cues contribute to an aesthetic look on your site. Whilst, the audio gives you a chance to empower your site content, showcase your work, and engage visitors. You can publish podcasts, perform songs’ beats, or provide content in audio formats.

The best way to place audio files is to create a playlist. Not only does it make your site content more well-organized but visitors can also select what they wish to listen to. Plus they’re enabled to play the desired audio as many times they want to.

Our today’s article centers on how to display an audio playlist on your WordPress site. You can use the classic editor, Gutenberg editor, and WordPress Text widget. If you’re using the Elementor page builder, no worries. We’ll cover them all in the guide below.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

#1 Add Audio Playlist in WordPress Using Classic Editor

By default, WordPress uses HTML5 tags to embed videos and audio. It supports multiple audio file formats, including MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, and WAV.

It takes you a few clicks to show an audio playlist on your page or post, in the exact same way as what you do for image galleries. All you need to do is gather files to build a playlist.

We can break the process into small steps as follow.

  1. Log into your admin area, edit an existing page or post, or add a new one
  2. Click Add New under the page title
  3. Open the Create audio playlist section on the left-hand menu
  4. Choose your audio files in the Media Library or upload new ones
  5. Hit Create a new playlist and Insert audio playlist buttons

Once done, you can preview the post to see how your playlist appears there.


Every time picking the audio, you can enter its title and additional information like artist, album, and description on the Attachment Details page. There are playlist settings options to set up your audio, such as showing the tracklist, showing the artist name in the tracklist, and showing images.


#2 Create WordPress Audio Playlist Using Text Widget

It’s possible for you to place an audio playlist on your WordPress sidebar thanks to the Text widget. Take the 3-step guide below to achieve that.

  1. Head over to AppearanceWidgets in your admin dashboard
  2. Drag the Text widget to the Main Sidebar and click Add Media
  3. Tick on your desired audio and follow the #1 method, from steps 3 to 5.

#3 Display WordPress Audio Playlist in Gutenberg

Launched by WordPress as a built-in page builder, Gutenberg takes care of a basic custom website without third-party plugins.

  1. Look for the Audio block and drag it to your page or post
  2. Pick out audio files in the Media Library. You can upload new audio files or even enter their URLs.
  3. Enter the audio title, artist name, album, caption, and description for your audio
  4. Adjust audio settings in the Block tab on the right side
  5. Preview to ensure the audio playlist appears properly on your site.
  6. Update or publish the post

#4 How to Add an Audio Playlist in Elementor

Elementor is always the first name when it comes to top WordPress page builders. It lets you customize your site with impressively gorgeous templates and tons of elements.

To create an Elementor audio playlist, you need its Text Editor Widget.

  1. Find the Text Editor widget in the Elements list, and drag and drop it to your page
  2. In the Text Editor controls, click Add Media
  3. Go for the Create audio playlist option on the left
  4. Tick on your preferable audio files to include in the playlist and hit Create a new playlist

These actions result in a playlist shortcode with all your audio IDs on the page content. At the same time, Elementor displays the playlist in your editor panel so you can modify its visuals.

Don’t forget to preview the page to check how the audio playlist looks before publishing or updating it.

Protect WordPress Audio Playlist

There may be times when you want to secure audio from unauthorized users. You plan to protect premium podcasts and musical beats so that only paying customers have the right to listen to them.

It has never been easier to safeguard audio playlists thanks to Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold plugin and its Protect WordPress Videos extension. Besides protecting audio and video files, they provide you with a shortcode to effortlessly embed your audio playlist into the content.

To get started, you must install PDA Gold and Protect WordPress Videos plugins on your site. Upon activation, you can:

  1. Visit the Media Library from your admin dashboard
  2. Choose your playlist audio and protect it one by one. You can secure multiple files at once using the “Protect File” bulk action.
  3. Hover the desired audio and copy their IDs
  4. Insert this shortcode into the content to display a playlist with protected audio

Remember to replace numbers “1, 2, 3” with your proper audio IDs. That’s it!

Make Use of WordPress Audio Playlist Like a Pro

Audio playlists greatly serve podcast hosts, musicians, and bloggers to show off their podcasts, musician beats, auditory tutorials, and other works in an appealing way. Visitors can sift through their favorite audio without having to seek them in different locations.

We’ve walked you through 4 ways to insert an audio playlist on your WordPress site. It doesn’t require you any extra tools if you plan to add a playlist in the classic editor, Gutenberg editor, and Elementor.

In case you tend to make money from these audio files, ensure you protect them from unauthorized listeners. Give the PDA Gold plugin and Protect WordPress Videos extension a try to effectively secure your audio playlists.

Opportunity knocks, don’t hesitate to create and protect your WordPress audio playlist now!