7 Reasons Why You Should Use Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugin

WordPress is a great CMS platform not only to build your dream website but also to make profit from selling unique content. Oftentimes, WordPress users desire to add more functionality to the core platform. As an open source for endless creativity, WordPress has offered a wide range of great plugins and themes for users’ demands.

From the WordPress repository, it’s very easy to search for a plugin or theme coming in both free and paid/premium versions that meet your needs. However, not all users can afford premium products. They find it not economical to make the purchase when the website is still a work in progress.

No worries. We always have our ways without losing what we don’t want to lose, in this case, money. And using nulled themes and plugins comes as an “ideal” shortcut to obtain the advanced features, which doesn’t cost a penny. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

In this article, we’re going to share with you 7 reasons why you should try nulled themes and plugins at least once in your life. Let’s get started!

Do You Know What Nulled Themes and Plugins are?

Simply put, using nulled themes and plugins is more or less like using fake products. But while you still have to pay for the counterfeits, these nulled products are being distributed for free. Basically, nulled WordPress themes and plugins are pirated versions of premium themes and plugins which have been hacked and adjusted to work without a “proper” license key from original creators.

You can get all kinds of nulled themes and plugins from unofficial sources on the Internet. There’s a wide variety of choices available online that help beautify or customize your site at no charge.

Why Should You Try Nulled Themes & Plugins?

Premium themes and plugins are expensive. Some are even ridiculously overpriced for an annual subscription with a limit of uses. If there are no free trials to test them out, the only way is to buy them. Would you spend hundreds of dollars on something whose functionality is still in doubt?

With nulled WordPress themes and plugins, you can minimize the expense and enjoy awesome features at the same time. The idea starts making sense, doesn’t it? If you crave for more reasons, keep reading.

Let’s Challenge Your Site Security!

Creating your website isn’t challenging enough? You can interest yourself with a few modifications by trying nulled themes and plugins. It’s worth a shot!

website security

Every experience counts, and one would not learn their lessons until they experience themselves. It’s great if you can survive through the ups and downs in life. The same goes for your site and file security when dealing with all kinds of malicious codes and viruses inserted in nulled plugins. Well, this is just one of the bonuses you can expect.

Like surprise gifts? There will be more.

Exposing Precious Work to the Public – Billions of Dollars Lost

Time and again, you get what you pay for. Since everything comes with a price tag, you cannot call for the value and quality of free products to be the same as authentic and pricey ones.

Nulled themes and plugins usually contain modified and unsafe codes that could adversely hurt your site and might not function the way they should. Free stuff always comes with a price. Internet thieves can take advantage of your site’s vulnerable security to steal, copy, and sell your work without permission. So instead of saving money, you’re actually losing more than what you should have paid for a premium plugin.

That said, if you’re lucky enough, you can continue using nulled plugins without such problems.

What Updates are You Talking About?

Every premium plugin and theme require a valid license key for automatic updates. As you didn’t obtain the plugins from the original developers, it’s obvious that you will not get any automatic updates when they release a new version or bug fixes. This should not bother you much if those themes and plugins are not updated frequently.

automatic WordPress plugins updates

The sad news is, WordPress encourages its contributors to constantly update their products in order to provide users with new features and better services. Thus, even the current version you have downloaded from an unknown repository is not yet out of date, it will, very soon.

Since the core WordPress platforms are updated regularly, the best practice is to update your themes and plugins accordingly so that they are all compatible with each other & operate properly. So don’t forget to take the time to check for updates, get the latest nulled versions of those premium plugins (though high chances are they might not be available). This helps avoid your websites from foreseeable security & compatibility issues.

Advocating the Practice of Hosting Nulled Software

As you’re currently an advocate of many different ways of life, welcome to a new community where everyone becomes advocates of using nulled theme & plugin practice. Yes, you’re not alone.

There’re a lot of groups on Facebook & other social forums that share sources for these kinds of WordPress tools. Just do a quick search and you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

As the “nulled” community grows, the WordPress community will be affected badly since developers are deprived of the income they deserve to keep enhancing and maintaining their products. It’s a matter of ethics now that you think of all the time, effort, and money that have been put into creating the tools you wish to use. If hard work doesn’t pay off, who will continue to dedicate themselves to building quality products?

Of course, it’s not your problem.

Some will say that you’re violating copyright laws and stealing someone’s intellectual property by using nulled themes and plugins. It is not necessarily illegal because they are licensed under GPL. Yes, you can count on the GPL (General Public License) in this situation.

GNU General Public License

According to GPL, everyone can distribute GPL-licensed software freely, including the premium WordPress themes and plugins that are wanted most. WordPress requires themes and plugins to be GPL-compliant so that they can be listed under WordPress repository.

However, it is not completely risk-free. You can still be sued by the copyright holders for using their products without permission, but this hardly happens. In fact, it’s not an easy task for most developers to detect and track the unauthorized uses of nulled pieces of software on websites.

Who Needs Premium Support?

WordPress plugins premium support

More often than not, you will face difficulties when trying a new theme or plugin for your WordPress site, from the very first step of installing to finally getting it up and running the way you want it to. Undeniably, you will need technical support once serious issues which you couldn’t resolve by yourself occur, critical errors or bugs, for example.

Only those who create the product are able to diagnose why things went wrong and the right medicine for specific circumstances. Obtaining themes and plugins through piracy makes you ineligible for priority support & premium services from the official websites. If there’s a free version available on WordPress.org, you can reach out to the forum support and hopefully get a prompt solution there. Or else, just ask Google!

Alert! You’re in Danger

When a theme or plugin fails to perform well on your site, it could crash the whole site and turn everything that you’ve put a lot of effort into a huge mess.

Prevent Direct Access premium plugin

Take Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold – a file protection plugin as an example. It proves useful in protecting all precious WordPress files against unwanted users and Google. As a result, you can find nulled versions of this well-known plugin on the web without hassle.

Remember, by using nulled PDA Gold plugins without a valid license, you risk having your site’s privacy & security threatened by hackers, and putting it in many other dangers as well. All your protected files could be exposed to the public and search engines any time, out of your control and awareness.

Unauthorized users will be able to access and download your private & confidential files right in front of your very eyes. And you can do nothing about it, since you’ve chosen to pack your site with a nulled plugin instead of a real and official one.

But this rarely happens, to be honest!

Wrapping Up

Because the pirated software is shared by poor reputation sources, no one can determine and guarantee its quality. You can’t receive proper or premium support. Imagine calling out for help but no one answers when you’re in a tough situation. That’s exactly how it feels to use nulled themes and plugins.

Many WordPress users are still happy with all the “benefits” they’re getting from advocating the practice of hosting nulled themes & plugins in their sites. The fact that the WordPress ecosystem is being hurt badly doesn’t really matter to them. WordPress developers are working hard to put food on the table just like everyone else. Ironically, they keep spending their time and effort on creations that would sooner or later be stolen and abused without their explicit permission.

Anyway, you should not be bothered. As long as you get to save your money, why would you care about others’ lives?