About Prevent Direct Access

We're not the first doing WordPress files security, but we keep it easy and simple.

Prevent Direct Access (PDA), like many other successful ideas, came out of personal need, not just because we wanted to make money.

As an online marketer and e-commerce shop owner ourselves who sell stuff online as well as give away freebies such as ebooks, documents, and videos to get our leads’ emails, we know piracy is a huge problem for many online marketers and small business owners. Their hard-to-produce digital products could easily be copied, used, and shared without permission and necessary protection.

And since there was no easy and simple solution we were looking for in the market, we went on creating our own plugin - Prevent Direct Access (PDA).

Our two main goals…

To create a plugin that does the job - protecting WordPress files, and at the same time, is simple and easy to use even for non-technical users like many of our friends.

We didn't want to make things too complicated. So instead of developing a complex user authentication to protect files as many people would've thought and done, we made use of simple little things like .htaccess at the beginning. Our plugin didn't even have our own plugin's page. We protected files directly on WordPress "Media" page.

We launched the first and free version of the plugin on WordPress.org after 2 months working non-stop. Our team then improved, built, and released our PDA Gold version at the end of 2016.

Since then, we've continued to develop and improve both functionality and UI, UX of the plugin. Now we're proud to serve more than 5,000 customers all over the world. Started mall with only 3 people in Singapore, we could've never imagined developing a plugin that could be used by such a huge customer base like this.

Our Team

Since 2018, we have another office in Da Nang, Vietnam. Our team now grows to 10 people consisting of full-time developers, QA testers, designers, and online marketers.

Keep on grinding!

If you have any questions or suggestions? Please get in touch. We’re always listening.

Meanwhile, stay strong and healthy!