2 Simple Ways to Allow Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

The skyrocketed growth of e-commerce activities has remarkably driven customers’ shopping behavior during the last decade. People can order their favorite items right in front of mobile or desktop screens without having to go to brick-and-mortar stores.

However, ‘every rose has its thorn.’ Shopping online doesn’t provide a physical experience to buyers. So how do you persuade and encourage them to purchase?

The key answer is to make use of product reviews. They’re of significance in winning your competitors and maintaining a positive reputation.

Our today’s article will center on how to add customer reviews of WooCommerce products manually and using a plugin. But before that, let’s discuss some reasons why you should enable WooCommerce review.

Why Online Reviews Matter in WooCommerce Stores

Positive words make a profound impact on sales and store owners aim to get as many good reviews as possible. It’s also a good way to improve your site SEO and help you deal with product issues.

#1 Drive Sales to Your Store

Reviews show real customers’ experience with your products. It’s reported that about 90% of customers depend on online reviews to make their buying decision. While they can’t touch or feel the thing they’re gonna pay money for, reading positive reviews of those ordered similar items gives them confidence.

Customer reviews prove your best marketer. Rather than listening to personal recommendations, people put their trust in reviews most of the time, according to recent research.

#2 Contribute to SEO

You may not notice but most customers use keywords in their reviews, such as the product name, their features, or your company name. This allows adding more information about your business on the Internet passively.

Once visitors look for goods that may relate to those keywords, your product page and reviews can appear on search results. Not only are users aware of your items but they also see positive reviews.

#3 Enable Problem-solving

There is a fact that not all messages from customers are beautiful. Some people write reviews while getting temper and angry. The reason behind it may fall to the differences between their expectation and the received product.

Whatever the reason is, it’s where you can identify pain points and upgrade your products and services. If customers mistake the product functions or features, you can adjust the description. In case there are multiple bad reviews on a certain aspect, you should address the problem and solve it.

The more you care about customer reviews, both positive and negative, the more efficient the shopping journey you can create.

Add Reviews to WooComemrce Product Manually

You may wonder about WooCommerce product reviews not showing up in most cases. It’s because you haven’t enabled the function from WooCommerce settings. To display the review section on your product page, all you need to do include:

  1. Go to WooCommerceSettings in your admin dashboard
  2. Open the Products tab
  3. Scroll down to the Reviews section
  4. Tick the box ‘Enable product reviews’
  5. Turn on the product star ratings if needed

After a customer leaves a review, it’s stored as a comment and needs your approval before showing up on the product page. To achieve that, you can:

  1. Head over to Comments in the admin navigation menu
  2. Hover the comment to approve, edit, reply to or even move it to trash

What if you want to allow reviews on specific products, simply:

  1. Open your desired product page
  2. Move to the Product data section at the bottom of the page
  3. Go to the Advanced tab and tick on ‘Enable reviews’

Display WooCommerce Reviews from the Backend

There may be times that you intend to add a product review from the WooComerce admin. One of the examples is moving reviews from other sources to your page. The quick process involves you:

  1. Going to Products and edit the one you plan to add reviews
  2. Entering the review in the Reviews box

How to Add Reviews Using Customer Review Plugin

When should you remind users to drop a review after their purchase? How can you carry out that? What is the method to customize reviews?

These are where a Woocommerce review plugin comes in handy. Among hundreds of options available on the WordPress repository, Customer Reviews for WooCommerce stands out as the best solution. The number of over 50K active installations has proved that.

The plugin takes the WooCommerce built-in review function to the next level by automatically reminding buyers to review via emails, exchanging reviews with discounts, and tons more.

To get started with the plugin, just:

  1. Install and activate the Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin
  2. A new Reviews section is inserted into your admin sidebar. Click on Settings
  3. Check on the ‘Enable Automatic Reminders’ option
  4. Decide the sending delay (day) when customers will receive the reminder email. It’s possible for you to send emails based on the order status or allow reviews for certain product categories.
  5. Choose a specific role that can leave reviews. It should be ‘Customer’ in most cases.
  6. Adjust your email template

Save your changes and you’re done.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce Made Simple

As always, customer reviews show their efficiency in establishing a good relationship with visitors and boosting your sales.

We’ve introduced 2 different methods of displaying customer reviews, manually or using a plugin.

WooCommerce standard review feature is quite simple and has no customizable options. If you want to send reminder emails to customers to ask for a review, the Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin would be a smart choice.

What is your ideal solution to add reviews to WooCommerce stores? Share with us in the comment section below.

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