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During 2016, the minimum average affiliate commission per month was $116 and highest average per month was $1356. Currently we are working with our affiliates to empower them and increase their income by 200%.

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Become an affiliate and receive commissions for each sale you refer.
Monetizing your websites or blogs has never been easier.

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Up to 30% commission from a single sale
Performance bonuses with high payouts
Trusted Brand - the #1 plugin to protect WP files
90-day valid
tracking cookie
Frequent offers and coupons
Receive payout each month via PayPal
Real-time visists & sales reporting
Dedicated and personalized support

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Am I a good fit?

PDA Gold’s affiliate program is a perfect match if you want to monetize content, have a large SMB audience, and love PDA products. Our affiliates vary widely, from marketers, developers, consultants, to authors, and business owners.

How much can I earn?

You can earn up to 21% of every sale which could be as much as $179 per lifetime license sale.

Reputable affiliates will get a higher commission, which could be up to 30% per sale.

How do I get paid?

You'll receive payouts via PayPal. Update your payment email under Affiliate Dashboard → Settings tab.

When do payouts occur?

We will send out payment once you reach the minimum payout of $199.

Can I earn a commission on my own purchase?

No. This is considered fraud and is against our Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions.

What is the cookie window?

90 days. Even if users don’t buy our products right after they click on the link, your referral is still counted if they come back and complete the purchase process within 90 days.

Could I get extra commissions on PDA extensions?

At the moment, we only offer commissions for PDA Gold subscription and lifetime license sales.

Where to I get the support?

We have a support team just for you! If you have any questions, we're here to help.

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  • Review Prevent Direct Access & our extensions on your website or blogs
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  • Create infographics, tutorials, and case studies about our plugins
  • Send out your affiliate link to your network, i.e. mailing list and social media channels


You cannot

  • Use your affiliate link on a coupon, promo, or deal site
  • Promote using an unofficial coupon, or rebate offer
  • Use "Prevent Direct Access" in your domain/personal branding
  • Provide false information about our products
  • Alter our logos or creatives without our consent
  • Falsely misrepresent Prevent Direct Access in any way.

What our customers say

Great Product and Support

“This plugin was perfect for what our client needed – to selectively protect specific files in the medial library from direct access. Their support was responsive and helpful. Won’t be the last time we use this for sure.”


You guys provide fantastic customer service!

“Boy, the reviews are correct – you guys provide fantastic customer service! I will be reviewing the info in your emails. Thanks!”

Neal Sideman

Creator of Triumph Over Panic®

Open ears for customers

“The support and dev department has open ears for the customer and helps very well in case of installation problems. The plugin itself is what I looked for for about ten years to protect the content from being stolen without an active membership.”
Henrik Johansson

Paul H. G.