How to Allow Public Access to Amazon S3 Buckets

WordPress gives you 3GB of storage for file uploads. Plus, you can add a file of 2MB – 150MB max at a time, by default. Now. imagine you run an online course website and intend to upload many training videos. You need help from a third-party storage service like Amazon S3, obviously.

Amazon S3 currently comes as the most popular cloud-based service. It receives love from millions of users worldwide thanks to the easily-accessibility and reasonable data storage service.

If you use AWS 3 to share files, you first make them public otherwise users can’t access them. They just see an XML Access Denied error message.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get an S3 bucket and object’s URL then guide you through how to make an S3 bucket public. A tip about protecting Amazon-hosted videos and audio will also wrap up this article.

How to Get an S3 Bucket and Object’s URL

Follow the 5-step guide below to successfully get the link to your S3 bucket.

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  1. Log into your AWS S3 console and find your desired bucket
  2. Open the ‘Properties’ tab
  3. Scroll down and you’ll see the ‘Static website hosting’ section
  4. Copy the bucket’s link in the format[bucket_name]/ or http://[bucket_name]

What if you plan to have individual objects’ URLs. Similar to the instruction above, access the AWS S3 console and choose the bucket name that consists of your files.

After that, find your files in the object list. In case you don’t see it, simply type the name in the search box.

Now tick on the box in front of your files and press the Copy URL button at the top of the page. Following is the AWS S3 object URL format: while index.xtml is your file.

Allow Public Access to S3 Buckets

Here is how you can make your S3 bucket public. It allows you to take action on one bucket at a time only.

Before getting started, you must log in to Amazon Web Services and open your S3 Management Console. Then,

Next, choose the bucket name from the S3 buckets list. The Access column beside the Bucket name tells you the access status of your buckets. The default value is ‘Buckets and objects not public.’

To change from the default settings to ‘Objects can be public,’ head over to the Permissions tab and edit the On mode of the ‘Block all public access’ option. Uncheck that box and save your changes.

Remember to type ‘confirm’ in the confirmation message.

To completely make the bucket available to the world, you must take additional steps as follow.

Right in the permission tab, you can move to the Bucket Policy section. There is a Bucket Policy Editor area for you to enter the code shown below and configure the bucket access permission.


{"Version": "2008-10-17",
"Statement": [{"Sid": "AllowPublicRead",
"Effect": "Allow",
"Principal": {
"AWS": "*"
"Action": "s3:GetObject",
"Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::YOUR-BUCKET-NAME/*"
Replace ‘YOUR-BUCKET-NAME’ in the code with your real bucket name.

Your bucket in the Bucket list now will look something like this:

Protect Videos & Audios Hosted on Amazon S3 Buckets

There may be times that you wish to secure your files that are hosted on Amazon S3 buckets. These files can be images, documents, videos, and Audio.

To protect your Amazon S3 files, you need help from our PDA Gold plugin and Amazon S3 Integration extension.

Upon installation and installation, you have to create a private S3 bucket and configure your CloudFront distribution. You can check out our documentation for detailed guides. After copying the S3 video URL, enter our shortcode in the content.

It depends on the video player you’re using that the shortcodes will be a bit different. This one is for the default player:

Playing your videos via Waveplayer? Add this shortcode:

Please install WavePlayer plugin to use this shortcode

That’s it!

Set Amazon S3 File Access Permission Like a Pro

Listing videos on Amazon S3 brings you numerous benefits. You can save your WordPress default data storage and at the same time, improve your page loading time.

We’ve guided you through detailed instructions on how to get your S3 bucket and object URLs as well as enable public access to them.

Make use of the PDA Gold plugin and Amazon S3 Integration extension to protect them from unauthorized access.