5 Best Stripe Payment Plugins for WordPress in 2021

If you’re selling any product online, you probably know that the payment method needs to be as effortless and secure as possible. By ensuring your visitors and customers have a convenient, uncomplicated and safe way to pay, you have a better possibility of selling more products and turning one-time buyers into repeat buyers.

There are several payment gateways available online but one of the most liked and easy to use plugins is Stripe.

In today’s article, we will talk about why you should use Stripe and share some of the best Stripe payment plugins available online for WordPress.

Why Use Stripe on Your WordPress Site?

When it comes to selecting a payment process for your site, there isn’t a more straightforward and effortless solution than Stripe. Stripe makes it extremely easy to accept credit cards on your site and it has a few more benefits as well:

  • Easy Setup Process: You don’t need to go through a lengthy merchant account creation procedure and wait for approval. All you need to do is sign up for a Stripe account & you can start accepting payments on your website.
  • No Hidden Fees: Unlike Paypal, Stripe payment method doesn’t collect extra fees when you get paid. You just have to pay a flat fee of 2.9% percent and 0.30$ per card charge, regardless of the amount.
  • Customers Stay on Your Website: Because Stripe integrates with your website, customers and visitors won’t be redirected to an external site to complete the payment process. This can greatly help you increase your conversion rate.
  • Customers Don’t Need to Have a Stripe Account: Unlike other payment methods and gateways like Paypal, your buyers don’t need to create an account to be able to pay you first. All they have to do is enter their correct information and Stripe will process the payment securely.

Keep in mind that if you want to use Stripe payment method on your site, you’ll need an SSL certificate installed first. This will not only help your customers and visitors feel more secure but also encrypt any sensitive data or information that is exchanged between your customers’ browser and your site server.

Below are 5 of the best Stripe payment plugins you can use in 2021.

WP Simple Pay Pro

WP simple pay pro

Give the green light to recurring as well as yearly payments on your WordPress website without creating the shopping cart. This WP Simple Pay Pro Stripe WordPress plugin is specifically developed for business and company owners, consultants, startups and developers to collect their payments at the drop of a hat.

WP Simple Pay Pro also believes that fundamental honesty and integrity is the keystone of any business. Therefore, they are going to refund you 100 percent of your paid money within 30 days in case you’re not satisfied with its service. (which is not possible!)

Key Features

  • This plugin handles setup fees & subscriptions that has installment plans/trial periods
  • Users can also pay any amount. This clearly means you can collect money for different purposes, including donations
  • It allows you to generate customizable forms with a drag and drop payment forms feature
  • It also has the feature of adding custom fields to collect data on each account

There’s more – WP Simple Pay Pro integrates very well with Pricing Tables and AffiliateWP. It’s translation ready and supports 12 different languages, 25 countries, & 135+ different currencies in the Stripe Checkout. It’s also possible to personalize your Stripe checkout screen by including any logo and personalized button text.


  • $49 for 1 website and most features.
  • $99 for 3 websites, plus access to subscriptions and installment plans.
  • $249 for 25 websites, with all features.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin

WooCommerce Stripe payment gateway

This amazing plugin helps you accept payment directly on your site from any debit/credit cards, Alipay, BitCoin, and Apple Pay with the help of Stripe gateway.

Apple Pay integration also provides frictionless credit card payments, buyers don’t need to enter card details and shipping details. They can just authorize all that with their Touch ID.

This payment gateway plugin is integrated with WooCommerce, therefore, you can smoothly build your online store on WordPress and accept payments into it with Stripe’s API.

Key Features

  • Provides faster checkout by adding a Stripe Payment Request Button on the product detail or cart pages
  • Smooth integration between your WooCommerce store and the Stripe account
  • Stripe buyers can save their card details on your store’s site
  • Includes a several filters and hooks that you can utilize to show login status, review orders, and much more


This Stripe WordPress plugin is 100 percent free.

Stripe Payments – Optimum for Stripe WordPress Plugins

Stripe payments

This Stripe Payments plugin makes the collection of recurring payments from your site extremely easy with Stripe payment gateway. It also provides a simple shortcode option for “buy now” buttons that can be placed anywhere on your website.

The setup of this payment plugin is very straightforward. Also, it has a responsive design which is compatible with all the browsers & devices.

Here’s what else can you do with this Stripe Payment WordPress plugin:

  • Sell digital goods or products using the Stripe merchant account
  • Collect tax and donations, if you want
  • Save card data on your Stripe account, use ‘Remember Me’ feature to allow one-click payment with Stripe
  • Allow automatic download of digital product’s files, once your transaction is completed
  • Enable display of logo in Stripe payments window for each item
  • Send configurable email notifications to the customers and customize checkout result


This free plugin allows more control over the way you collect payments with Stripe without too much fuss.

WP Full Stripe

WP Full Stripe

WP Full Stripe allows you to accept payments as well as to make subscriptions from your WordPress website. Embed payment forms into any post without any third-party payment site integration.

It is compatible with WordPress version 4.0.0+ as well as WordPress latest versions 4.9.4. This stunning plugin supports almost every theme. Its payment forms are fully-customizable as well.

Key Features

  • Option to make multiple payment forms, and customize them with custom fields and CSS
  • Embed single or multiple forms anywhere with shortcodes
  • Set up one-time, custom, or recurring payments method and installments with non-standard intervals
  • Store your credit card details securely
  • Send out custom emails


It has a pricing of $49 for the regular license and $249 for an extended license with 6 months’ support.

WPPayForm – Multiple Payment Gateway Plugin


WPPayForm is a freemium payment gateway WordPress plugin that accepts multiple gateways for the WordPress users. You can set up almost any sort of payment gateway using this plugin. As it’s freemium in type, it offers free and premium versions for its customers.

In the free version, you’ll get the Stripe payment gateway absolutely free of cost. Also, in the premium version of this awesome plugin, you will get the PayPal payment gateway. This plugin is developed for various kinds of business or company owners, consultants, developers, and startups as well to collect different payments.

Key Features

  • Easy to use interface
  • Organized entry management system
  • Single entry submission report
  • Contact form features integrated
  • Pre-design form templates
  • Form duplication enabled
  • Basic accounting reports
  • Responsive payment form
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Form export and import facility


WPPayForm Pro provides 3 different pricing plans for its customers and they’re as follows:

  • Single Website License – $59.00
  • Agency License (Up to 20 sites) – $99.00
  • Unlimited Websites License – $399.00

Final Thoughts

If you decided to use Stripe to sell directly through your business site, then one of these WordPress payment plugins will surely prove to be beneficial for you and your company.

We chose all these plugins – based on their practical functionalities – from creating Stripe buttons that can be placed anywhere on your site, to test mode & recurring payments support. We also made sure to cover several price ranges, with some free options. Now you just have to pick one of the payment plugins that best meets all your needs.