June 3, 2018

Prevent Direct Access Gold Version 3.0 is Awesome

While Prevent Direct Access Gold version 2.0 is a complete change for the better and could be considered a success, our team knows we need to continue reinventing ourselves and WordPress Prevent Direct Access to Media. The new version would not be about minor updates nor incremental improvements. It must be a game changer for both…

May 15, 2018

From Unlimited to Pro

We offered “Unlimited” pricing plan last year as we launched Prevent Direct Access Gold version 2.0. The Unlimited was meant to help people who would love to use our Gold version on more websites than usual. For example, Unlimited was a great fit for those used WordPress multisite network, multiple websites at subdomains or staging…

May 6, 2018

WordPress Posts vs Pages

WordPress Posts vs Pages

WordPress, although started as a blogging platform, is now well-known as a robust content management system (CMS). In other words, WordPress helps us manage and organize our website’s content easier and faster, if not almost effortless. There are 2 ways to create content for your WordPress websites: WordPress Posts vs Pages. At first glance, they…

September 2, 2017

WordPress Categories vs Tags

In the previous lesson, we’ve discussed the differences between posts and pages. If your website is not just a corporate ‘static’ website, chances are you’re gonna have at least some posts. You would likely, as a result, need to categorize and tag them to make it easier for your readers to find and browse your…

July 9, 2017

How to Get to WordPress Dashboard?

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to log into your WordPress Dashboard. What’s WordPress dashboard? You may wonder. WordPress dashboard, also known as WordPress admin panel, is basically a place behind your “front-end” website – that’s why some refer to it as WordPress “back-end” or admin, where you can manage your entire website’s…

September 7, 2015

What You May Not Know About WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

If you’ve ever used WordPress, you probably know its famous WYSIWYG content editor. This is basically where you type your posts and pages’ content. What you may not know is you can do a whole lot more things with this WordPress WYSIWYG editor, apart from the basics such as changing its colors and centralizing the text. It’s more…