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  • * NEW! S3MediaVault ($99)
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  • Access Restriction ($69/yr)
  • Protect WordPress Videos ($119/yr)
  • Private Magic Links ($49/yr)
  • WooCommerce Integration ($69/yr)
  • Contact Forms Integration ($49/yr)
  • LMS LearnDash Integration ($49/yr)
  • Advanced Custom Fields ($69/yr)
  • Active Campaign Integration ($69/yr)
  • Campaign Monitor Integ. ($49/yr)
  • MailChimp Integration ($49/yr)
  • PayPal Integration ($49/yr)
  • AffiliateWP - SendOwl Integ. ($69/yr)
  • WP Multisite Integration ($52/yr)
  • WordPress Robots.txt ($39/yr)
  • Download Statistics ($49/yr)
  • Access Levels ($49/yr)
  • Group Protection ($69/yr)
  • Password Suite ($69/yr)
  • Password Statistics ($49/yr)
  • Forms Integration ($59/yr)
  • Smart Restriction ($69/yr)
  • Passwordless Authentication ($49/yr)
  • Dropbox Integration ($69/yr)


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We have partnered with the creators of to bring you the #1 Video & Audio Player for WordPress.

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- The Free Extensions you get will have the same license as the main purchase.
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