WordPress Vulnerability Facts and Statistics 2021

Launched in 2003, WordPress now becomes the biggest content management system in the world. Over 30% of all site owners trust it when building their personal blogs or business websites, including Sony Music, Best Buy, or Time Inc. With a user-friendly interface and simply-customized functionalities, WordPress proves its leading position in the huge CMS niche….

The Future of WordPress LMS – Key Statistics 2021

The pandemic of COVID 19 has brought a significant economic downturn as well as affecting a lot of people’s lives. Over 43% of businesses had temporarily closed, reported by PNAS. As a matter of fact, it also creates considerable opportunities for business owners. And Learning Management Systems or LMS don’t stand aside from the game-changers….

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Image Optimization


Image optimization should be your priority especially when running an online store or stock photography. They’re the 2nd highest predictor of conversions, according to Soasta/Google research. Not only will you have to make sure your images maintain the highest quality but they should also make your site load fast enough to enhance the user experience….

The Secret to How WordPress Makes Money


Have you wondered why you can build your website on WordPress without paying anything? How could WordPress afford to let you use its software for free? You may be curious about how can WordPress make money to develop its software as well as offer high-quality products and services in the long run. In this post,…