Complete Guide to WordPress Email Marketing

Complete Guide to WordPress Email Marketing

Email marketing proves one of the most popular and impactful marketing channels for online businesses.

You can use email marketing to attract and educate leads, build relationships with prospects, and turn them into loyal customers. It allows you to speak directly to your users.

Why Is Email Marketing So Important?

Building a strong email marketing strategy helps you target the right audience. You can filter those who really interested in your products, put them into your sale funnel, and leverage them.

Segment Customers

Using different email signup forms lets you classify customers, build separated email lists, and create different personalized content.

Drive Revenue

Consistently communicating with subscribers gives you a better chance to educate them about your products and convert them into real customers.

Collect Feedback and Surveys

Inviting subscribers to take part in a survey via email marketing. You can ask for their testimonials or a case study.

Improve Brand Recognition

Besides sales emails, try sending ones that aim to promote your company’s branding activities in the local community.

Save Money

Email marketing doesn’t cost you a lot of money. All you need to do is put effort to build an autoresponder once and reuse it forever.

Increase Traffic

Inserting site URLs in your emails not only improves the click rate but also increases traffic to your site. They can be links to blogs, sales pages, or even documentations.

Juicy Email Marketing Statistics

These amazing email marketing statistics will give you a better idea of why you should go focus on email marketing.

Why Should Email Marketing Be Your Marketing Priority?

These amazing email marketing statistics will give you a better idea of why you should go focus on email marketing as well as its effectiveness.

Email users

4.03 billion email users worldwide in 2021 and 4.48 billion by 2024.
90.3% of adult usersin the United States use emails to serve their work.
6.4 hours a dayon email.

Facebook users

2.2 billion monthly active usersplus 1 billion on Instagram.
69%of US adults use Facebook actively
2.5 hours daily Facebookers spend about 2.5 hours daily surfing newsfeeds.

The Effectiveness of EM


of company revenue increased thanks to automated emails.


of conversion improvement after applying split testing for your email campaigns.


of 2018 holiday sales contributed by email marketing.


of the US online shoppers signup their emails on e-commerce stores.


of business professionals believe in customer retention through email marketing.

Everage Email Open Rates

It depends on the industry benchmarks that their email open and click rates will vary. Below is how your emails should perform on average.

Click through2%
Click to open14%

Best Days for Email Marketing

  • The 3 best days to send emails include Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The open rate of emails sent on Tuesday is up to 18% compared to 14% on Wednesday.
  • It’s not recommended to send emails on Saturday & Sunday. This is the weekend and people tend to relax rather than check emails. Emails delivered on these days also make the report and unsubscribe rates increased.
  • The best time to send your emails is between 9:00 and 11:00 AM when officers start their working day. Their habit of checking emails before work helps boost the open and click rates of your emails.

Attract SubScribers and Build Your WordPress Email Lists

Sales and Discounts

People love discounts and deals. Email signup to exchange for a 20% to 30% cut-off at the product price, how come you refuse?

Great Content

Offering well-researched and in-depth articles encourage visitors to come back to your site for more insightful content in the future.

Exclusive Promotions

Exclusive items make customers feel they’re special. This significantly supports collecting emails.

Event Hosting

Host an event that provides value to a community and get their email addresses. Later on, use these emails to connect and market your products.

Things to Consider When Sending Emails

Behaviour and Demographics

Your company is based in Asia but you want to target US-UK consumers. Understanding audience demographics permits you to deliver emails to them at the right time. Plus, businesses in some countries in the Middle East areas work on Sunday so it’s okay to send emails on this day if you focus on this market.

Products and Services

The types of products and services you offer play a crucial role in the way you make use of email marketing. B2B product providers should send emails on Tuesday while Friday proves the best day for music and art companies.

Email Frequency

The number of emails that subscribers receive weekly greatly affects their behavior and actions. Too many emails give them the feeling of spamming their inboxes while just a few emails are not enough to build trust and encourage them to take action.

Subject Lines

Subjects are the first thing people see when receiving your emails. Captivating subject lines engage recipients to open your emails. Some mailboxes also filter “spam emails” automatically so users won’t even have a chance to see your emails. That’s why you must test your emails before sending them to subscribers.

Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins Compared

There are hundreds of plugins enabling you to automate your WordPress email marketing strategies. We’ve summarized and compared the top 6 plugins with their main features in the table below. They include both Free and Premium plugins.






Active Campaign
Installation +400K +400K +200K +100K +2M +70K
Rating 4.5 4.6 4.4 4.6 4.8 4.7
Unlimited emails Pro N/A Pro
Unlimited lists N/A N/A
Forms & pop-ups
Drag-drop interface
WooCommerce email Add-on
Live chat
Import list
Report Pro Pro

Automate Private Content Access via Email Marketing

Email marketing proves the perfect solution to engage visitors and generate leads. You can offer downloadable giveaways or restricted content via forms requiring them to sign up and get the private content.

Since this content remains accessible to subscribers only, you need to protect them from public eyes.

PDA Gold and PPWP Pro are doing a great job of securing files and content sent to users via email marketing. They integrate seamlessly with popular WordPress email marketing plugins including MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, and tons more.

PDA Gold

Protect your WordPress media files such as ebooks, videos, or documents from unauthorized users. Create and auto-send new private download links for anyone subscribing to your email list.


Hide your content under a password form and auto-create new passwords for individual subscribers to view your content. Send passwords to subscribers or customers through automation emails. Bypass the private content via quick access links in emails.