Contact Form 7 Multiple File Upload Tutorial: From A to Z

Given its simplicity, Contact Form 7 has become one of WordPress’s most popular free plugins since its release in 2007. However, some of the plugin’s features are not up-to-date enough to meet the increasing demands of the website’s owner. For instance, Contact Form 7 multiple file upload is not allowed.

Luckily, you can easily solve this problem by installing a supporting plugin. Scroll down for details!

Why You Need Contact Form 7 Multiple File Upload

Any website that wants to engage repeat visitors or potential customers should have a contact form. In this way, your users can upload files via the form and give you necessary information.

To illustrate, you build a job application form for applicants to submit their resume, cover letter, and certificates. Or, you publish an “Ask for a Consultation Now” form where audiences can upload documents of their current problems.

When your eyes are landing on this post, you’re probably using Contact Form 7 or intend to do so. Unfortunately, Contact Form 7 does not support multiple file upload by default. You must add several fields to accommodate all files, making your contact form inconvenient.

Employing Contact Form 7 multiple file upload to enhance the user experience is an excellent idea. To achieve that, you need to customize the codes or use an improved form plugin. We highly recommend the later method in case you don’t have a coding base.

The Recommended Plugin


We suggest using the Multiline Files Upload for Contact Form 7 plugin to activate the multiple file upload function. It comes as the best option if you’re looking for a straightforward way to enhance your ready-made contact form.


As its name implies, the plugin sets a field to accept multiple file uploads. Thus, site users can drag and drop to submit several files to the form or delete all files simultaneously. Meanwhile, you, as a website admin, can receive all attachments via email in a ZIP form.

What you need before installing the plugin:

  • WordPress platform
  • Contact Form 7 plugin
  • ZipArchive() extension enabled on your hosting server

Main Features

  • Install and configure the plugin with ease
  • Be compatible with the latest WordPress and Contact Form 7
  • Add fields to accept various file formats, including audio, documents, videos, etc.
  • Support different Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME), which is not allowed by WordPress
  • Send all attached files directly to your email
  • Provide a responsive uploader on all devices
  • Add files one by one or multiple files at once to the form
  • See a list of attached files
  • Remove the set of files quickly

How to Allow Contact Form 7 Multiple File Upload

Take the following steps to accept Contact Form 7 multiple file upload.

Step 1: Install the Plugin

  1. In your WordPress admin dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New and input the plugin name in the Keyword field.
  2. You should check the author of the plugin “Zluck Solutions” and click Install Now > Activate.


Step 2: Edit Your Contact Form

  1. Head over to Contact > Contact Forms, edit your form, and select multilinefile.


2. On click, the plugin opens a dialog box, fill in the following information:


File size limit

You can define the maximum size in the box. It depends on how many files you permit users to upload in a field and the file types. Since large files’ size is usually in megabytes, use a megabyte-byte converter to find a suitable number.

We recommend checking your web hosting settings’ WordPress media upload size limit to avoid the timeout error. The standard range is from 2 to 150MB.

Allowed file types

The plugin supports various file forms, from pictures to audio and MIME. You can define the formats by typing file type codes separated by the “|” sign.

For example, jpg|gif|jpeg|png|csv|exe|pdf|txt.

Step 3: Get the Shortcode

  1. You can skip the remaining fields and choose the Insert Tag button to complete the settings.
  2. Place the generated shortcode where you want to display the Add File button.


3. Hit the Save button.

Step 4: Set Up the Email to Receive Files

  1. You, as the site admin, can receive attached files of users by configuring the Mail panel. First, copy the multilinefile tag.


2. Paste the tag into the File Attachments box.


3. Review the email information and press the Save button.

Step 5: Test Contact Form 7 Multiple File Upload

The configuration is complete. It’s high time to test the form by uploading multiple files in different formats.

  1. You can put in a file by choosing the Add File button. The plugin will show the list of uploaded files. Otherwise, delete the files by selecting the respective X icon.


2. Finally, Send the form and check your email. There, you can see a ZIP file of all uploaded files.

Step 6: Change Style of the File Listing (Optional)

Don’t like the X icon, the Add File button, and the Selected file name? You can apply a custom style using the WordPress theme’s CSS file. For example:

  • X icon:
.mfcf7_zl_multifilecontainer p .mfcf7_zl_delete_file i { color: azure; }
  • Button style:
#mfcf7_zl_add_file { background-color: earth green; }
  • Selected file name style:
.mfcf7-zl-multifile-name { color: black; }

This step will significantly improve the form’s interface. Yet, it requires some programming knowledge.


How Much Is the Multiline Files Upload for Contact Form 7 Plugin?

It’s available for free in the WordPress repository. To use advanced functions such as setting min/max file upload limits, you have to install the Premium version. It costs you $29 for a Regular license.

Can I Use the Plugin for Other WordPress Forms?

No, the plugin is mainly built for Contact Form 7. For other forms, consider using alternative plugins.

Is There Any Alternative to the Plugin?

Besides the recommended plugin, there are several plugins that allow Contact Form 7 multiple file upload:

  • WPForms Pro: A form builder with a built-in multiple file upload function.
  • Forminator: Another form builder with an integrated multiple file upload function.
  • WP File Upload: A multiple-file uploader that can be added to any post, page, or sidebar.

They are all beneficial; however, the features are abundant if you have already installed Contact Form 7.

How Can I Send File Private Download Links to My Users after They Submit the Contact Form?

For example, you’re giving away eBooks to collect users’ email, files, and information. After getting the necessary data, the eBooks’s download links will be sent to your users.

We’ve published a detailed guide on how to send private download links after Contact Form 7 submission. Check it out for more information.

Allow Contact Form 7 Multiple File Upload Now!

We’ve suggested a straightforward, free way to accept multiple file uploads via Contact Form 7. Try it out to create a more informative, convenient, and user-friendly contact form for your audiences!

If you’ve just started with Contact Form 7, learn how to configure Contact Form 7 mail settings here.

In case you’re using Gravity Forms, check out how to accept file upload through Gravity Forms.

When allowing contact form submission, you’ll probably encounter form spam. To avoid this from happening, refer to our guide on how to stop contact form spam in WordPress.

Do you have any questions about Contact Form 7 multiple file upload? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!