How to Easily Set up WordPress Multisite Media Library

WordPress does not support shared media on multiple sites. This can lead to a great inconvenience. Since you must upload the exact same media file twice on 2 different sites. If you own many websites, uploading media to each one is almost impossible and requires a lot of effort.

So then, how do you deal with that? A multisite shared media plugin will be a perfect solution that helps you tackle the problem.

First, let’s discuss the reasons why you should buy a multisite shared media plugin in more detail.

How Can a Multisite Shared Media Plugin Help You?

A multisite shared media plugin allows you to auto-sync media (images, videos, documents, music, etc.) from one site to other sites without effort. The sync process may happen from the main site to all sites, or from the main site to some subsites, and vice versa.

The plugin provides various options to determine subsites and other parameters. So you simply need to filter the features to what you want. These features can also be easily enabled or disabled in your network with a few simple clicks.

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This saves you a huge amount of time to do what matters. Plus, you can avoid omissions and unnecessary errors when uploading media.

Let’s take a look at how to choose a shared media plugin for your WordPress multisite.

Choose a Multisite Shared Media Plugin

Before getting started, you need to select a suitable plugin for your site that meets your requirements.

There are thousands of plugins available on the WordPress repository with excellent features. However, picking the right one containing everything you need in a single plugin is not always an easy task.

To simplify the process, you should list out all features you’re looking for. Then pay attention to the most important ones. This will help you make a sound decision easily.

We recommend using the Network Media Library plugin. Here are 4 simple steps to get started with it.

3 Steps to Set up WordPress Multisite Media

Step 1: Download and Install Plugin

  1. Download the Network Media Library plugin
  2. Go to PluginsAdd New in your WordPress admin dashboard
  3. Press the Upload Plugin button and choose the plugin file you’ve downloaded
  4. Install and activate to activate the plugin

Step 2: Configure Your Multisite Library Settings

This is the most important step that enables you to set up the features you want for your multisite media library.

  1. Open Settings in your admin area
  2. Enable the “Share media across networks” option
  3. Save your changes

Step 3: Upload Files to Your Site

After that, you can upload media to your main site or subsites:

  1. Head over to Media the sidebar menu
  2. Click on Select File or Drag & Drop to upload new files to your site

The uploaded media will be shared between all sites immediately. This allows you to manage your media library without difficulty. In case you don’t want to add them to all subsites, simply adjust them on the settings page.

Protect Your WordPress Multisite Shared Media

One thing you must think of right now is to protect your media files. This is extremely important. As it prevents your media and sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized users and hackers.

However, protecting media on WordPress multiple sites will be a bit more complicated than on a single site. To cope with that, you need a third-party plugin like PDA Gold. It is one of the most recommended plugins, supporting you to protect your media files on WordPress multisite.

PDA Gold comes with the WordPress Multisite Integration extension shedding light on securing files on your main site and the sub-sites. You first need to configure htaccess rules then network deactivate the PDA Gold plugin. You can check out the detailed guide on how to protect media files on WordPress multisite.

No Time to Worry about Multisite Shared Media Security!

It surely will take you a lot of time to upload media files on different websites one by one. Instead of wasting time doing that, you can make it easier by using an appropriate multisite shared media plugin.

With the 4 simple steps shared above, you will be able to set up shared media for your WordPress multisite easily. The thing is that you should consider carefully before choosing your plugin.

Then a PDA Gold plugin will be a powerful tool to help you protect your shared media on multiple sites. Don’t let data security bother you!

Check out how to protect your media files on WordPress multisite using the PDA Gold plugin.