How to Disable Right Click on Your Website

More than once you visit a certain website, and are surprised when you couldn’t do anything with the right-click. It’s because that website probably disables right-click. This is one of the most popular methods to help site owners reduce the risk of image theft.

WordPress does provide a lot of ways to support its users in protecting content on their websites, but they are not efficient enough. Plus, WordPress hasn’t offered the disable right-click function in its default settings yet. To achieve that, you must look for assistance from plugins in the WordPress repository. With thousands of choices, picking the right one wouldn’t be an easy task.

If you are wondering how to do that on your website, this article is for you. It will save you tons of time from trying every single plugin by suggesting the most effective ones with some helpful tips to enhance the content protection on your website.

Why Should You Disable Right-Click on Your Website?

As visitors, the right-click enables them to perform multiple actions to the content on your website. They might select and copy certain parts of your post, then past them on Google search or even print the content out, for example.

More advanced, savvy tech visitors will right-click to inspect your website or get the design settings and other back-end information.

To stock photos, logo-makers, or online portfolio websites, you must be aware of images theft. Since you use photographs as the main attractions to gain traffic, allowing viewers to right-click on your website is the same as making those valuable content meaningless.

Conversely, if you disable right-click on your WordPress website, visitors are no longer able to right-click and save your images to their computer or inspect the images’ links to get it easily.

However, there are still plenty of other tricks out there to steal your works. This somewhat deters a certain number of unwanted users from taking your content without your permission.

How to Disable Right-Click on Your Website

Among loads of plugins that WordPress provides, Watermark WordPress Files stands out as the most simple yet powerful plugin that is backing thousands of users in protecting their images effortlessly.

Watermark WordPress Files installation

In your WordPress admin dashboard, look for PluginsAdd New. Click Choose File to open the ZIP file you’ve just downloaded, then hit Install Now.

Now the plugin will appear in your plugin list, simply enable the Activate feature under the “Watermark WordPress Files” name.

Set up disabled right-click function in Watermark WordPress Files

After installing and activating the plugin, look for Watermark WordPress Files in the admin dashboard to open its settings.

In the General tab, you will see the Copy Protection section at the bottom.

There are two options for the right-click ability on your website. If you want visitors to not be able to right-click anywhere on your website, enable the Disable Right Click option. This will stop all the activity of users when they try to right-click in your posts or pages. Not only the images but all types of content on your site are not accessible via right-click. The function is really helpful, especially when you want to stop users from inspecting the elements on your website leading to security increase.

In case you only want users to not right-click and steal your images, while letting them copy or search the content on your page freely, just enable the Prevent Image Theft function. Sometimes, the information on your posts is valuable to everyone and you publish it to serve the general public, then there’s no need to prevent people from copying or printing them. Turning on this feature helps you partly release the worry about the image theft; however, the images or video files attached to that post should be credited to you only rather than being shared abusively on the Internet.

Other Methods to Prevent Image Theft

Besides disabling right-click on your website, you can refer to other popular methods such as registering a copyright, adding watermarks, or using protection plugins.

Using legal copy

Some websites require users to pay royalties to use or download the materials legally. If you didn’t ask for a fee on your site, you should make sure people using your works would contribute properly. The best practice here is to register copyright to your materials so that you can sue anyone using your property without any contribution.

Of course, you need to pay a certain fee to register those papers with the Government, but it’s worth the money since the compensation might be up to 30K. If you’ve invested time and effort to make your works fruitful and unique, they deserve the copyright and the compensation.

Add Watermark to Your Image

This method has been applied for a long time and is believed as one of the most effective solutions to prevent unwanted users from getting your images without permission.

On top of letting you disable right-click, Watermark WordPress Files also helps you to add watermarks to your images or pdf files with ease.

In the plugin settings section, switch to the Watermark tab to configure the watermark appearance.


There are two watermark types for you to choose from. You can add a watermark as an image-based or text-based. The plugin gives you all the options you might need from font, size, color, transparency to position, or even rotation. Your watermark could look more professional with Watermark WordPress Files.

Protect media files with Prevent Direct Access Gold

Recognized as the only and the best WordPress plugin that restricts users from approaching protected files completely.

Prevent Direct Access Gold allows you to protect unlimited file types. Once your files are protected, unauthorized users, accessing them via files’ URLs or Google search, will be redirected to the 404 error page. It’s because, on top of restricting files access based on user roles, the plugin also discourages Google from indexing the secured files on your website.

You can generate download links for your files without any limitation. Expiring and deactivating those download links can be done manually or automatically with the plugin. With a user-friendly interface, the settings are easy to handle.

Stop All the Possibility Of Image Theft on Your Website

Disabling right-click is a smart move in protecting your site from unwanted users. Or else, not only can they get the content on your website but also inspect and download the attached images and video files.

The only way to disable right-click on your website is to use plugins since WordPress doesn’t provide that feature in its default settings. Among several options, Watermark WordPress Files is the best choice. The plugin gives you two powerful options to disable right-click to the whole website, or the images only. What’s more, it even allows you to add watermarks to your images to double shield your content.

Don’t forget to install Prevent Direct Access Gold to make sure all the file types uploaded to your Media Library are untouchable to the general public.