How to Display Grid View in WordPress Media Library

Besides pages and posts, the media library is the most important area on your WordPress site. It’s where you manage all your images, audio, videos, and documents.

There are so many things you can do to improve the media library. One of the common tasks refers/comes to displaying media images in grid view. Though it sounds simple, so many WordPress site owners don’t know how to achieve it.

In this article, we’ll show you the differences between the List view and the Grid view in WordPress as well as how to add grid view to your media library. Then, we’ll guide you through the process of building a media grid view in Visual Composer page builder.

A bonus tip on troubleshooting the issue of media grid view not working will also wrap this article. Let’s get started!

Difference between List View and Grid View in WordPress Media Library

List View in ​​WordPress Media Library

You can view all your media files in 2 ways, under a long list of files arranged one in lines. Each line includes a small image thumbnail with the file name and other information such as the author, uploaded date, comment, etc.

If you install the PDA Gold plugin to protect media files, there is an additional column of Prevent Direct Access letting you know your image’s private status: protected or unprotected.


It’s possible for you to hover each image to basically edit, view, and delete them permanently. You can take other actions if having some media file’s plugins activated. In our example image below, we can add a watermark to the PDF file and sync it to Amazon S3 storage too.


When you have a lot of images in the library, the list will be cut into multiple pages, with 20 files per page. You can adjust this number by clicking on the Screen Options menu and enter the number of items per page.


Gird view in WordPress Media Library

Grid view, on the other hand, shows a grid of thumbnail images, starting from the lasted upload to the oldest. The thumbnail of images in grid view is much bigger than the list view making it easier for you to see your files.


The grid view allows you to find images easily. You can load more files by scrolling down to the bottom of the media library page.

How to Display Grid View in WordPress Media Library

It’s simple to display your files in the WordPress media library in grid view. All you need to do includes:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Open MediaLibrary in the navigation menu
  3. Click on the grid view icon at the top of the page

That’s it! All your media should show up under the grid view now.

How to Add Media Grid in Visual Composer

Appearing as a free drag-and-drop visual editor, Visual Composer proves a popular and easy-to-use page builder to help you create a professional website.

Among its 500+ content elements and blocks, there is a Media Grid option for you to display and customize your image appearance. It enables you to add a media grid effortlessly too.

To achieve that, you need to firstly install the Visual Composer plugin by going to PluginsAdd New in your WordPress dashboard. Then, follow the guide below:

  1. Type “visual composer” in the keyword box
  2. Install and activate the plugin
  3. Go to Pages/Posts then add a new page/post or open an existing one
  4. Click on Add Element and choose Media Grid
  5. Hit the plus (+) button and pick images from your library or upload new ones
  6. Save your changes

You’re permitted to style the image grid by changing the number of grid elements. To do so, you need to:

  1. Go back to the page editor containing the grid image
  2. Click on Edit Media Grid
  3. Adjust the Grid Elements per row option
  4. Save and preview your changes

It’s done now.

Troubleshoot Media Gird View Not Working

There may be times when you try to display the grid view in your WordPress media library but it doesn’t work. This makes it difficult for you to add media files to the content.

An incompatible plugin or incorrect file permissions can be the root cause of this problem. To fix it, you need to deactivate all the plugins, then activate one by one again. Although it takes time, you can find out which tool raises the issue for sure.

If you’ve applied this method to all the plugins and the grid view still doesn’t work, you need to contact your hosting provider to ask for their help.

Final Words

Showing grid view images in the WordPress media library is as easy as pie. You just need to click the grid icon and everything is done.

You can also display the image grid view on the front end with the help of the Visual Composer page builder. The plugin lets you change the number image column as well as customizing the gap between rows.

In case you face the WordPress media library grid view not working issue, you can check if there is a conflict of plugins or file permissions.

Leave a line in the comment section below to share with us your experience with WordPress image grid view.