3 Plugins to Protect WooCommerce Products

There are 3 plugins that help protect your WooCommerce digital products:

#1 Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold

PDA Gold helps protect your product files against direct access and Google indexing. Your product files won’t be found on Google search results anymore. Even if users could somehow obtain the file URL, they won’t be able to download them.

This is our main plugin. You’ll need our PDA Gold for the following extensions to work.

File Access Restriction Extension

In case you don’t allow guest checkout on your store, i.e. your customers have to create an account and log in in order to download your digital products, you can simply protect and set their File Access Permission to “customer”.

After successful payment, WooCommerce will automatically grant your user’s account to “customer”. As a result, they will be the only ones who are able to download your digital products.

#2 WooCommerce Integration Extension

Our WooCommerce extension essentially restricts your order page and product file URLs access to your customers’ IP addresses captured during purchase. This adds another security layer and stops unwanted users from sharing your product files and their order page.

The extension will come in particularly handy when you allow guest checkout meaning user login is not required. It also prevents users from sharing their accounts with others.

To provide a greater degree of flexibility, you can set the maximum number of IP addresses allowed to access your order page and product files.

#3 Amazon S3 & CloudFront Extension

The Amazon S3 extension allows you to host and protect your digital product files via Amazon S3. This saves you a lot of server space, and at the same time, offers faster and more reliable delivery of the product files to your customers.

The extension also creates an expiring download link on the order page that stops people from sharing the file URL with others. It doesn’t protect the order page URL though, which can be secured using our WooCommerce extension mentioned above.

Lasted updated on November 27, 2019