4 Different Ways to Protect & Grant File Access Permission

You can restrict access to any files protected by Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold with our so-called “File Access Permission”. That means only those with permission are able to access the file URL (original link) directly.

The default access permission for all of your protected files is set under PDA Settings page, which could be either one specific or many custom user roles of your website. You can also protect and change the File Access Permission on each individual file. There are 4 different ways to do so:

  1. Click on Edit on Media Library List View (WordPress attachment page)
  2. Click on each media Thumbnail on Media Library Grid View
  3. Click on Add Media button when Editing page or post
  4. Select File Access Permission tab under PDA File Protection popup
4 Ways to Grant File Access Permission
4 Ways to Grant File Access Permission
Our file protection works best on WordPress Media library List view.

In case your main file or one size of your image goes missing, you won’t be able to protect the file. However, due to some UI restrictions, the error message will be only shown under List view.

1. Attachment Page

Step 1: Under Media Library List View, click on Edit button

Step 2: Protect & choose the user roles under File Access Permission on the right sidebar of the attachment page

2. Media Library Grid View

Step 1: Under Media Library Grid View, click on the file thumbnail which you need to change permission

4 Ways to Grant File Access Permission: Media Library Grid View

Step 2: Protect and choose user roles in the right sidebar of Attachment Details popup

3. “Add Media”

Instead of having to protect and change file access permission on Media Library, you can do it right away while editing your content. While inserting a new media file into content, look for the File Access Permission option below the file name and URL. Scroll down if you don’t see it.

Note: you can only select available user roles with 3 methods above. When you need to select Custom Roles, please follow this method:

Step 1: Under Media Library List View, protect the file then click on Configure File Protection

Step 2: Select File Access Permission tab and choose the user roles

Please remember to get Access Restriction extension to enable full options on individual files.

Lasted updated on March 24, 2020