How to auto-Activate License on Subsites of Multisite Network

Once you’ve installed our PDA plugin on your Multisite network successfully, you would normally need to activate the plugin and license on each subsite individually. That could a be a real hassle when you’re having a lot of subsites on your network. Since version 3.0.23, Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold now allows you to activate your license on subsites automatically.

First of all, you will need to activate your PDA License on the main site. Once done, you’ll have 2 options:

Activate PDA license on existing subsites

If you want to activate PDA license on your existing subsites:

  1. Go to PDA Gold, License tab
  2. Click on Activate now button

Let say you’re having a Pro license which can be activated up to 15 sites, you can only use the license on other 14 subsites, together with the main site. If there are more than 14 subsites, our plugin will activate the license in ascending order. In other words, subsites created first will be activated first.

It will take some time if the number of subsites is huge. Our plugin will display the progress by counting the number of “Subsites activated“.

Auto-activate license on new subsites

  1. Go back to “General” tab
  2. Enable “Auto-activate license on new sites” option

Now, our PDA Gold plugin and license will be automatically activated on every new subsite.

Note: This option does not work with renewed licenses.


Lasted updated on March 3, 2021