Version 3.0

Version 3.3.3, Nov 15, 2021

  • [New Feature] Generate multiple private links for multiple files at once
  • [New Feature] Disable right click in the front-end
  • [Improvement] Support text area to create multiple private links at once
  • [Improvement] Add scroll bar to “Private Download Links” section under “Configure file protection” popup
  • [Improvement] Update GetResponse API to 3.0

Version 3.3.2, May 31, 2021

  • [Improvement] Allow choosing product types when inputting a new license
  • [Bug Fix] Support “Force Downloads” feature for media files
  • [Improvement] Create private links programmatically
  • [Improvement] Remove Error Log when installing plugin

Version 3.3.1, Mar 16, 2021

    • [New feature] File encryption

Version 3.3.0, Dec 04, 2020

  • [Improvement] Compatible with WPML
  • [Improvement] Compatible with Polylang
  • [Bug Fix] Minor bug with numerous PDF thumbnails
  • [Bug Fix] Show error message when enabling raw URLs
  • [Bug Fix] Error when moving large files

Version 3.2.0, June 29, 2020

  • [Improvement] Require Lite version
  • [Improvement] Integrates with PPWP Pro – Support raw URLs
  • [Improvement] Show warning message when deactivating plugin
  • [Bug Fix] PDF files’ thumbnails disappear after protection
  • [Bug Fix] Detect wrong .htaccess files when WP is installed in subdirectory

Version 3.1.6, May 15, 2020

  • [Improvement] Integrate with nMedia User File Uploader plugin
  • [Bug Fix] get_post_meta doesn’t work when enabling “Auto-protect New File Uploads” option

Version 3.1.5, March 24, 2020

  • [Improvement] Integrate with WPML plugin
  • [Improvement] Show warning message if file does not exist
  • [Bug Fix] PPWP Integration doesn’t work with Feed Them Gallery
  • [Bug Fix] Show 403 error message when enabling “image hotlinking”
  • [Bug Fix] Original image size become accessible after editing
  • [Bug Fix] Offloaded files can not be unprotected/protected

Version 3.1.4, February 21, 2020

  • [Improvement] Handle big image protection with WordPress 5.3
  • [Bug Fix] Search and replace feature doesn’t work with Cover block

Version 3.1.3, February 14, 2020

  • [New feature] Grant access to protected files if users had visited certain pages – AR extension
  • [New feature] Integrate with PPWP Pro to protect files embedded in content
  • [Bug Fix] Show WordPress database error when accessing private link
  • [Bug Fix] Media files having no author are accessible

Version, December 23, 2019

  • [Bug Fix] Remove unnecessary scripts when loading content

Version, February 14, 2020

  • [Improvement] Update function to check plugin update to version 4.8

Version, November 22, 2019

  • [Bug Fix] Checking license expiry date works improperly
  • [Bug Fix] Update htaccess rules for sites that WordPress is installed in subdirectory
  • [Improvement] Add Refresh button under License tab
  • [Improvement] Display Expiry date under License tab
  • [Improvement] Support to protect Korean, Chinese, Japan filename
  • [Improvement] Improve UI to compatible with WP 5.3
  • [Improvement] Allow File’s author to access his/her file by default
  • [Improvement] Show notification for unavailable automatic update

Version, November 13, 2019

  • [Bug Fix] Fix warning message when users update WordPress to 5.3
  • [Bug Fix] Fix add_sub_menu notice
  • [Bug Fix] Update file URL under Grid View of WordPress 5.3

version, May 30, 2019

  • [BugFix] File title is auto-updated wrongly after protected/unprotected
  • [BugFix] S&R stops working if the protected files are inserted after the non-protected ones
  • [BugFix] S&R makes external links stop working

version May 28, 2019

  • [Hotfix] PHP function getallheaders undefined in some NGINX and PHP-FPM servers
  • [BugFix] Un-comment codes to automatically update PDA Membership Integration and PDA Access Restriction outdated versions

version 3.1.1: May 27, 2019

  • [Improvement] PDA Gold: improve file protection popup loading
  • [Improvement] Improve “Migrate to ver 3.0” notification when installing plugin
  • [BugFix] Selected icon disappears under Add Media popup
  • [Conflict] Roles disappear in current develop branch because of the conflict with Enhance Media Library plugin
  • [BugFix] Can’t see images in thumbnails and attachment pages when enabling “Keep raw URLs”
  • [BugFix] Search & Replace displays only fullsize with Gutenberg editor
  • [Improvement] block access to _pda folder when Raw URL option is enabled doesn’t work on multisite
  • [BugFix] “Remove Data Upon Uninstall” seem doesn’t work on multisite
  • [BugFix] All shared options should only appear on main site on multisite
  • [BugFix] Fix FAP under popup displays wrongly as “No one” on multisite
  • [BugFix] Block indexing by X-Robots-Tag HTTP header doesn’t work with mp3, mp4
  • [BugFix] Fix cookie header issue on GoDaddy servers
  • [BugFix] Can’t save if “Protect new file uploads by these user roles only” is enabled
  • [Improvement] Display (no title) page under Search & Replace and Customize No Access Page
  • [Improvement] Should display General tab after checking .htaccess file successfully

version 3.1.0: May 6, 2019

  • [Feature] Resolve the coupling between PDA Gold and main extensions – Architecture
  • [Feature] Integrate with BuddyPress & bbPress extension
  • [Feature] Block access to _pda folder when Raw URL option is enabled

version April 21, 2019

  • [Conflict] Prevent Direct Access section on “Add media” cannot work in Front End editors
  • [Improvement] PDA Gold: Retain the original filename when downloading via Raw URLs

version April 2, 2019

  • [Improvement] PDA Gold: Improve function search for “No access page”
  • [Improvement] PDA Gold: Improve validation of Custom link under “No Access” Page
  • [Improvement] PDA Gold: Redirect to reviews page when clicking on “Let’s do it” button
  • [BugFix] PDA Gold: Fix weird UI bug in Add Media modal
  • [BugFix] IP Block: Blacklist these IP addresses not work when IP is format 127.*.*.*

version March 22, 2019
[Feature] PDA Gold: Integrate file protection with PayPal & Mailchimp

version March 19, 2019
[Hotfix] Improve deletion of expired private links

version March 13, 2019
[HotFix] Add patch to WordPress check option

version 3.0.25: March 12, 2019

– [Feature] Redirect users back to protected files after login
– [Feature] Allow users to input a custom URL for No Access page
– [Improvement] Improve Protection Control feature
– [Improvement] Update UI Settings Page
– [Bug] Get Lucky button doesn’t work
– [Bug] Private Link Prefix exist character \ or / then private link not work
– [Bug] Should auto-update file URL once file is protected/unprotected
– [Bug] Migration issues with FAP (Need to release PDA Gold v2 version
– [Bug] Can save invalid link under “No Access Page” option

version March 4, 2019
[HotFix] Fix wp_option logic when saving boolean values

**version March 1, 2019**
[Improvement] Add hook for PDA Videos to prevent download manager software

**version February 27, 2019**
[Improvement] Use wp_option to check data migration

**version February 25, 2019**
[Hotfix] Logic checking for data migration from version 2.x.x

**version January 22, 2019**
[Improvement] Using custom function to get mime type

**version January 16, 2019**

  • [Feature] Added a public service in PDA Gold to fetch the protected file
  • [Feature] PDA Memberships: Separate custom membership from the default FAP dropdown
  • [Feature] PDA Gold – IP Block: protect all files on a selected folder

**version December 26, 2018**
[BugFix] Add debug log for $_SERVER object

**version December 26, 2018**
[BugFix] Add debug log when streaming the video

**version December 21, 2018**
[BugFix] Super Administrator cannot apply control protection

**version December 21, 2018**
[BugFix] Fix cannot set default user control protect’s value

**version 3.0.24: December 19th, 2018**

  • [Feature] Settings option to specify who can change the file protection
  • [Improvement] When the media file is HTML type, the protected or private links should show in the browser. Now it’s automatically downloaded by browsers.
  • [Improvement] allow “Choose custom roles & memberships” FAP on “Add Media”
  • [Improvement] Change the Protection file component when the file is backing up
  • [BugFix] Auto-update unprotected URLs in content – not full file URLs
  • [BugFix] The total number of protected and unprotected files isn’t equal the number of all files
  • [Improvement] Enhance 404 redirection
  • [BugFix] iFAP displays as Custom Memberships even though No role is chosen

**version December, 14th, 2018**
[BugFix] Unprotect files by bulk action does not update the post meta

**version 3.0.23: December, 7th, 2018**

  • [Feature] Auto-activate license on sub-sites
  • [Feature] Protect file uploads by user roles does not apply for Super Admin at normal sites
  • [Improvement] Choose “Admin users” as the default option of FAP in multisite mode

**version 3.0.22: November, 30th, 2018**

– [Improvement] Better license handling
– [Feature] Add “Protect” button on file actions
– [Feature] Change download links to S3 Signed URLs once synced/offloaded
– [Improvement] Choose “Admin users” is the default setting option of FAP
– [Improvement] Show warning notification when PHP’s version is lower than 5.5
– [BugFix] PDA Gold: FAP seem doesn’t work in multisite mode
– [Improvement] PDA logo in WordPress menu

**version November 22th, 2018**
[BugFix] Cannot protect/un-protect from media grid view

**version November 22th, 2018**
[BugFix] Do not cache for streaming video

**version November 21th, 2018**
[Improvement] Clear ob flush cache

**version November 16th, 2018**
[HotFix] Update the background process’s name to remove duplication

**version November 8th, 2018**
[BugFix] Replace nonce attribute by wp_nonce_field function to fix the bug cannot get the nonce value in chrome (using nonce attribute)

**version 3.0.21: November 6th, 2018**
[Feature] Auto protect files upload by certain user roles

**version October 29, 2018**
[BugFix] Cannot get the backup protection when re-activate the plugin

**version 3.0.20: October 26, 2018**

– [Improvement] Add force download option
– [Improvement] Revamp setting UI and file status on media file
– [BugFix] Cannot show some pages or posts

**version October 19, 2018**

  • [Improvement] Protected files should have the red shadow borders with other Custom Post Types
  • [Improvement] Add hook before running the file status.
  • [Improvement] Handle errors – exception and show the error message to client with PDA S3 Integration

**version October 17, 2018**
[Hotfix] Integrate with old pda-s3 plugin

**version October 16, 2018**

– [Improvement] Add hook before and after protect file
– [Improvement] When un-protect file, DO NOT unsync file
– [BugFix] Protected files don’t have the red shadow borders
– [BugFix] Private links don’t work when Protect Videos extension is enabled
– [Improvement] Showing purchased add-ons on license tab
– [Improvement]Hide File Access Permission (status button and tab) if the file is deleted from Server

**version October 15, 2018**
[Improvement] Generate pot file

**version October 9, 2018**
Bugfix: Private links for mp3 files cannot play

**version October 8, 2018**

  • Fix conflict with BB Pagebuilder
  • Shared Private Link is still active when the plugin was inactive
  • There are more than one default private link

**version October 3, 2018**
Bugfix: protected files are returning a blank page

Version September 28, 2018

  • When get baseurl using wp_upload_dir need a trick to replace http by https to support the older WP version
  • Provide API to integrate with other plugins
  • Provide a hook when clicking on private links

Version September 28, 2018**
Hotfix for private links expired after changing the expiry date

Version September 26, 2018
Hotfix for file access permission logic

Version September 25, 2018

  • Replace existing embedded images/files on the content
  • Fix conflicts with WP Media Folder

Version September 25, 2018
Hotfix for hotlinking rules to get the home URL

Version Fix the performance issues on filtering protected/unprotected files


  • Improve UI for Shared Private Link
  • Fix Shared Private Link’s bug: Download expiry time is different from created times after editing
  • Fix inconsistent download expiry’s timestamp when editing vs creating custom private links
  • Auto-protect Media upload on the fly

Version Fix CSS for Metabox

Version 3.0.19

  • Generate a unique private link for users
  • If users choose the raw options then using the ~/?rest_route=/. instead of /wp-json for WordPress REST API route.
  • Update “none” value in X-Robots-Tag’s header
  • Re-arrange the settings option for “Enable Debug Log”
  • Integrate File Access Permission into file popup & attachment page

Version Add debug logs when handling the private link

Version Add debug logs when sending files to clients


  • Fix filtering protected and unprotected files on multiple pages
  • Improve CSS for “Is it protected?” checkbox
  • Update pda-plugin-update-checker library to new version

Version Release affiliate program on popup tab, settings and its own page

Version Improve logic when migrating whitelist roles options for version 2.0

Version Fix 404 page version 2.0 migration issues

Version Add an example for the provided API

Version 3.0.18: Add API documentation to developers using phpDoc

Version 3.0.17

  • Add quick tour guide on Settings page
  • Add hook to track user’s click
  • Fix UI bug for PDA table
  • Add hook for Woo settings page

Version Fix missing CSS for Metabox in the attachment screen

Version Remove remote expiration license checking

Version Hotfix: for checking license expired, won’t parse strings to json.

Version Remove custom body class to prevent the conflict with popular plugins


  • Fix css conflict with the famous plugins: Ninja Form
  • Only add our body class for pages and post screen

Version 3.0.16

  • Apply fatal error log
  • Add new Setting options

Version Remove array from class constant to support PHP version < 5.6

Version Resolve CSS conflict for class .slider

Version 3.0.11

  • Add a new settings option that allows users to delete all related data and license data
  • Add a new settings option that allows users use raw redirect links without using .htaccess
  • Delete the backup data when unprotecting files
  • Refactor Settings page code

Version 3.0.10

  • Add status panel for the debugging purpose
  • Add UI to show which media file is protected in Media popup
  • Optimize the javascript loading

Version Delete all options related to licenses

Version Get attachment url by wp_get_attachment_url function instead of guid


  • Fix mirror logic to check whether plugin is fully activated
  • Add priority to add custom column filters

Version 3.0.9: Support membership options inside the individual files

Version Improve UI for membership integration UI

Version Clear buffer after printing the content

Version Hotfix that video can be streamed without the protect videos plugin.

Version 3.0.8

  • Add UI to protect file when adding media under pages/posts
  • Add option to turn on/off Block Access to WordPress Information Files and Hide WordPress Version setting
  • Add filters in Media Page that can filter protected, un-protected and all files
  • Add guides under helpers for Microsoft ISS server

Version 3.0.7

  • Apply automation test when deploying to production and staging
  • Show guides in helpers tab in setting if user is using nginx server
  • Flush rewrite rules when plugin finished updating
  • Add AWS S3 tab if pda-s3 add on is activated
  • Integrate with the membership plugin

Version Add file access permission on each files popup

Version 3.0.6

  • Block access to license.txt & WP version
  • Server video files with partial content if PDA video add-on is activated
  • Add AWS S3 tab in PDA Gold v3 setting page if pda s3 plugin is activated
  • Add new filers on Media page that can filter Protected and non-protected files

Version 3.0.5

  • Integrate with pda-s3
  • Fix robots.txt rules can work on subdirectory

Version 3.0.4: Fix wrong notification when users do not have data to migrate

Version Fix disable directory list not working

Version Fix home_url cannot return https schema


  • Improve UI for “File Permission tab”
  • Only show default private link and icon when the magic link add-on is activated
  • Only 15-sites and Unlimited-site can run on multi-site mode without pda multi-site
  • Integrate User Access Manager add-on
  • Bug fix: The file has not been protected but it still shows the stats in the popup

Version 3.0.3: Fix logic to get no access page title

Version 3.0.2: Integrate with IP Block, grant user roles for the specific file

Version 3.0.1

  • Only show helper tab in settings when enabled remote log
  • If it’s multi-site and license is not unlimited, need to install pda-multisite add-on
  • Fix guides in helpers when it’s multi-site
  • Integrate with pda-magiclink, ip-block and pda-multisite add-on

Version 3.0.0

  • Protect the file by copying to _pda folders
  • Improve htaccess rules
  • Remove protection for the file
  • Auto-generate a private link
  • Create a custom private link
  • Delete a private link
  • Activate/deactivate a private link
  • Count clicks on the private link
  • Set download limit and download validity
  • Copy the private link’s URL
  • Show default placeholder image if it’s protected
  • Set/un-set protection in attachment’s page
  • Add no-index meta tag to the page belonged to protected attachment
  • Integrate with File Access Restriction add-on

Version 2.0

2.6.24: June 2, 2018: Remove first slash of upload dir in .htaccess file

2.6.20: May 28, 2018: Fix user roles validation logic when accessing original links

2.6.15: May 22, 2018:  Fix .htaccess rewrite rules for multisite May 16, 2018: Ignore CSS and JS files on .htacesss directive condition May 4, 2018 * Update SDK May 4, 2018 * Update SDK May 4, 2018: Remove download limit May 4, 2018: Increase video timeout

2.6.10: May 3, 2018 * Improve algorithm to enhance video protection April 23, 2018 * Remove 304 file handling

2.6.9: April 23, 2018 * Using get_attached_file to get file’s path

2.6.8: April 19, 2018: Fix redirect for sub-folder

2.6.8: April 19, 2018 * Redirect by getting protocol and hostname April 19, 2018 * Fix https for private links March 27, 2018 * Add block google indexing only option April 9, 2018 * Update lasted SDK April 3, 2018: Update Gold version’s text April 6, 2018: Fix form validate in license form

2.6.7: April 4, 2018:

  • Update plugin’s text
  • Add IP restriction feature for individual file
  • Add table summary data feature
  • Show IP restriction feature only when users install PDA Download Link Restriction
  • Show table summary data only when users install PDA Download Link Statistics

2.6.6: March 27, 2018: Update FAQ content March 26, 2018: Fix form’s validate is undefined on setting page

2.6.5: March 26, 2018: Bring IP block blacklist feature back March 23, 2018: Fix missing number in file type

2.6.4: March 21, 2018

  • Fix rule for htaccess file
  • Decode URI before reading file

2.6.3: March 13, 2018: Integrate with User Management Access plugin

2.6.2: March 03, 2018

  • Improve setting UI
  • Add Block IP feature
  • Add prevent hotliking feature

2.6.1: February 12, 2018

  • Increase client’s request timeout to 10 second

2.6.0: February 12, 2018

  • Increase client’s request timeout

= 2.5.9: February 7, 2018= * Update Javascript’s version

= 2.5.8: February 7, 2018= * Update CSS version

= 2.5.7: February 7, 2018= * Fix license checking logic on client side

= 2.5.6: February 6, 2018= * Update class and file names to prevent potential conflicts between Gold and free version

= 2.5.5: December 1, 2017 =

  • Add package-lock.json file
  • Update text and tooltip
  • Add a handler to handle expired date update

= 2.5.4: November 28-29, 2017 =

  • Add create expired date function
  • Change expired_date data’s type to BIGINT
  • Create expired day input
  • Add number input for expired days
  • Fix db logic when updating new version

= 2.5.3: November 15, 2017 =

  • Show warnings on back-end admin for deprecated WP REST API 
  • Fix wp::prepare for WordPress version 4.8.3

= 2.5.2: October 26, 2017 = * Refactor PDALogger file

= 2.5.1: August 17, 2017 = *Remove rules if files are not protected anymore

2.5.0: August 17, 2017

  • Protect files from being indexed by Google & other search engines (robots.txt)

2.4.0: August 9, 2017

  • Support for WordPress Multisite
  • Fix the empty alert when activating license

2.3.2: July 23, 2017

  • Add whitelist roles option June 23, 2017

  • Keep file name when user download file by private URL
  • Add “Download Limit” feature into the private URL June 20, 2017

  • Fix null comparison issue.

2.3.1: June 20, 2017

  • Update css version.

2.3.0: June 20, 2017

  • Implement new features, limit downloads which help users to limit the number of attempt on private links from end-users.

2.2.2: June 17, 2017

  • Hot fix for prefix URL configuration on settings page
  • Fix the bug that protected (original) URL is still accessible on  “HTTPS” websites

2.2.1: June 16, 2017

  • Add the setting to enable remote logging
  • Add the setting to give logged-in user to see protected content
  • Add the setting to change url prefix word
  • Add the setting to automatically protect new uploaded files

2.1.3: February 25, 2017

  • Tweak: Change the plugin’s logic to cater for those files that couldn’t be found in the _postmeta table

2.1.2: Monday, May 22, 2017

  • Fix Twitter, Googleplus and Facebook open graph issue
  • Fix too many redirects / redirect loops issue
    • Now it’s working with Photon module #Jetpack & WP CDN
  • Remove redirecting the files with cookies
  • If file could not be found in post or post_meta table, reading file directly from upload folder
  • Redirect to wordpress default 404 page if file is not found or protected

2.1.1: Wed, May 10, 2017

  • Fix .htaccess rules to recognize the special characters
  • Find in _postmeta table in case of cropped images via wordpress
  • Integrate (private) plugin update for gold version.
  • Integrate multiple licenses for 1 site, 3 sites & unlimited sites
    • Check if license is valid or expired everyday.
  • Add debug log option on settings page which helps us quickly trace what goes wrong just in case
  • Bug fixes: Fix Private URL popup CSS so that it looks good in most screens’ sizes

2.0.0: April, 2017

  • Integrate a new UI using reactjs
  • Integrate plugin license with new method
  • Show nice pop-up to manage private links
  • Create, Delete and Customise multiple private urls for one file
  • Activate or Deactivate any private URLs
  • Count URL’s clicks
Lasted updated on January 14, 2022