Download Link Statistics: Shared Private Link

When using Shared Private Links, you probably want to keep track of all relevant statistics, e.g. how many users have clicked on the shared private links; what the download limit and expiry of each link are. That’s why we’ve included all these statistics in our Download Link Statistics extension.


Once activating our plugins, navigate to Prevent Direct Access Gold >> Statistics from your admin dashboard.

Then you can view Shared Private Link as shown below.

Please note that Shared Private Link statistics only shows up when Private Magic Link plugin is activated and there is at least one “active” Shared Private Link (i.e., someone has clicked on it).

  1. URL refers to the slug of the Shared Private Link
  2. Filename refers to the name of a protected file
    • It will change to N/A if the file is removed
  3. Users display those who have clicked on the Shared Private Link
  4. Download limit: the maximum number an authorized user can download the file (i.e., click on the shared private link)
  5. Total Downloads: the number of times an individual user has downloaded the file till now
    • The bold number is the sum of all users downloads
    • The remaining downloads (clicks) per user = Download Limit – Total Downloads (of that user) 

  • First download refers to the day that users first download the files (i.e, accessed the link)
  • Expiry date = First download + Download expiry
    • If you leave blank in the “Download expiry” field, the expiry date displays as “Never”

A Share Private Link will be removed from these statistics upon deletion. While it is deactivated (not accessible anymore but not deleted yet), our Download Link Statistics extension will not be able to track any information about that link.

Lasted updated on May 5, 2021