How to protect WooCommerce Products hosted on Dropbox

In this article, we will show you how to protect and sell WooCommerce products stored in Dropbox.


Configure plugin’s settings page

Once activating our plugins, navigate to Prevent Direct Access Gold >> Dropbox menu from your admin dashboard.

You are required to insert your Dropbox app key and access token to connect Dropbox account with your WooCommerce store.

Once done, go to create or edit a WooCommerce product.

Insert Dropbox files to WooCommerce Products

Downloadable Simple Products

You will see a button to choose files stored in Dropbox under “Downloadable files” field. Simply select which files you want to sell and click Publish or Update product to save them.

Downloadable Variations

Since PDA Dropbox Integration 1.1.1, you can select files directly from Dropbox while creating either Downloadable Simple Products or Downloadable Variations.

Please note that WooCommerce 4.0 currently unable to save multiple files under variable products.

Dropbox Integration Logic & Limitations

Dropbox only allows 1 valid shared link to a file or folder at a particular time. Due to that restriction, there are some limitations when using our extension too:

  • When the shared link expires, you can’t download the file even though you could still see its preview through the Dropbox UI.
  • When multiple users click on the same expiring shared link at the same time, only one user can download the file. Other users will see this error message: Something happened when downloading the file. Please try again, thanks! but
    Fortunately, their WooCommerce Downloads remaining will not be affected in this case.

It’s important that you choose “Force downloads” or “Redirect only” option under WooCommerce >> Settings >> Products >> Downloadable products page for our extension to work properly.

Lasted updated on August 19, 2020