How to Integrate Amazon S3 with WooCommerce

Required Plugins:

  • Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold version or higher
  • Amazon S3 Integration version 1.0.4 or higher

First and foremost, in order for our extension to serve your product files with Amazon S3 signed URLs, you’ll need to:

  • Protect the file by PDA Gold
  • Sync the file to Amazon S3 bucket

Let’s get started on the steps:

How to protect a new WooCommerce downloadable product

Step 1: Enable “Sync Files Once Protected” option in Amazon S3 Settings page.

This option allows you to automatically sync files to S3 bucket after protection.

Step 2: Create a new or edit existing WooCommerce product as follows:

  1. Tick Downloadable checkbox
  2. Click on “Add file” button to choose the files you want to sell
  3. Fill Download Limit – the maximum number of times (clicks) a customer can download the file (optional)
  4. Fill Download Expiry – the number of days the download link will expire from the day of purchase (optional)

Step 3: ‘Choose file’ popup will appear when you click on “Add file” button. Tick “Protect this file” checkbox to protect your product file.

As you have enabled the auto-sync option on step 1, the files will be automatically synced to S3 bucket once protected. You can double-check on Media page or under PDA file configuration popup.

Note: You can protect and sync files to S3 bucket before or after creating products.

How does this work with WooCommerce?

After purchase, when the customer clicks on the Download button, they will get your product files through signed Amazon S3 URLs.

You have an option to help stop customers from sharing your product files by expiring the Amazon S3 Signed URLs.

These links will expire after the pre-set time. So if your customers want to re-download the product files, they have to go back Checkout page or click on the link embedded in Purchase confirmation email.

It’s important that you choose “Force downloads” (recommended) or “Redirect only” option under WooCommerce Setting -> Products -> Downloadable products page for our Amazon URLs to work properly.

Lasted updated on August 19, 2020