How to Protect WordPress Pages & Posts

Have you ever thought about creating a private post just for certain groups of people? Or publish a private page that’s not being indexed by Google and other search engines? If you do, you probably want to take a look at our “Protect WordPress Pages & Posts” plugin.

In this article, we will show you how to protect your WordPress pages & posts just in 2 steps.

Step 1: Once you install our plugin, you’ll see a new column called “Protect Your Pages/Posts” under “Posts” and “Pages” respectively. You can then selectively choose to protect any private page or post by clicking on this link below.

Step 2: A popup will then appear to help you protect and manage all private links of the protected content.

Now, you can protect your private content by simply clicking on either “auto-generate new link” or “customize new link”.

With option (1), our plugin helps create a random private URL slug. You can create unlimited private links for each page or post.

With option (2), you can customize your private links to anything you’d like so that they will look more legitimate and meaningful.

Step 3: (optional) Click on this “edit” icon to expire your private links.
You can set its download limit (within a number of clicks) or download validity (valid X number of days from today). Here is an example:

It’s so simple and easy to protect your WordPress pages & posts, isn’t it?



Lasted updated on April 11, 2018