How to Reset WooCommerce Product Download Limits

User case:

  • When user A purchases WooCommerce (downloadable) product P1, he’s able to download P1 file for 3 times (within 14 days – optional). After the period or download limit, the download link expires.
  • When user A purchase product P2, he’s able to download:
    • P2 file for 5 times (within 21 days – optional)
    • P1 file for 3 times (within 14 days – optional). The P1 download limit is reset and its download link becomes valid again.
  • The download links are available on your “Downloads” page once he purchases P1 and/or P2


How to Reset WooCommerce Product Download Limits

Step 1: Once you’ve installed all the prerequisite plugins mentioned above, go to “Products” and get the IDs of the 2 products you want

Step 2: Go to “Prevent Direct Access Gold”, “WooCommerce” tab, put the 2 IDs in order of your preferences, i.e. the first ID will be product P1; the second one, product P2 in the example above.

Step 3: Create and go to “Downloads” page, put this shortcode [pda_woo_products] on its content.

Basically, what the shortcode does is it lists all your WooCommerce products that a user has purchased. If they haven’t purchased anything, the page will be empty.

That’s it. You’re all set.

See it in action

We set the download limit of our “Top 7 Business Advice” ebook to 2

In case you’ve protected your digital product with our Prevent Direct Access Gold, please remember to create and use its private link on File URL field instead. Otherwise, the WooCommerce’s download link after purchase will not work.

Once purchased, the Downloads page display the “Top 7 Business Advice” ebook. We download it once. So the download remaining becomes 1.
When purchasing the second product – “Top 7 Startup Advice”, the download limit of the first ebook is reset back to “2”


Lasted updated on September 5, 2018