How to Protect WordPress PDF Documents with Watermark

Watermark WordPress Files allows you to apply text watermark to your WordPress PDF files as well as stamping file uploads via Contact Form automatically.


Configure a watermark

Before applying the watermark, you need to create and configure a watermark text.

To do so, go to Watermark WordPress Files from the navigation menu and switch to the Watermark tab. Then select the type of watermark you want to apply. You can choose between a text-based and an image-based watermark.

Text-based watermark

There are a lot of options allowing you to customize your text-based watermark.

Image-based watermark

Once done, you need to click “Save Changes” to preview the watermark text.

Please note that:

  • The position of the watermark will be slightly different across the paper sizes (e.g. letter, A4, legal, etc).
  • If the font size is too big, the watermark might make the PDF content structure broken. So you always should preview your watermark text before applying it.

Watermark existing PDF files

Simply click on “Add Watermark” button link under Media Library List View to stamp your PDF file.

  • This button only displays under PDF files
  • All original files will be stored under wp-content/uploads/pda-watermark-backups folder so you can restore them later
  • A file can be added watermark multiple times
  • Encrypted PDF documents are not supported by our plugin yet

Watermark PDF files uploaded via Contact Form

Watermark WordPress Files can integrate with the top contact form plugins to stamp PDF files on the fly.

Here is the list of contact form plugins supported by our plugin:

  1. Ninja Form – File Upload
  2. Contact Form 7 (WIP)

To add watermark to file uploads automatically, navigate to our plugin settings page and simply enable this option.

This setting will be applied to all Ninja Forms upload fields. To exclude some fields from auto-watermarking, go to edit the fields and select Disable auto-watermark option from the dropdown list.

Display dynamic watermark

For Ninja Forms, you can custom watermark with Apply Custom Watermark option.

Use the following dynamic texts to dynamically watermark the details of the user uploading the PDF files.

%user_id% replaced with user id (or 0 with non-logged-in users)
%username% replaced with username (or “anonymous” with non-logged-in users)
%display_name% replaced with user’s display name
%user_firstname% replaced with user’s first name
%user_lastname% replaced with user’s last name
%user_nicename% replaced with user’s nickname
%user_email% replaced with user’s email
%field_X% Where X is the ID of the field you would like to use to watermark. You can find the ID by viewing the form through the preview and using the Inspect Element on the field you would like to use. Ex: If the ID is “nf-field-4”, you would use %field_4%

Please note that if you want to integrate with Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold to automatically protect and apply the watermark to new file uploads via Contact Form, you should use Contact Forms Integration extension instead of PDA Gold built-in feature.

Lasted updated on April 7, 2021