How to integrate dFlip Books with PDA Amazon S3


dFlip Books is a WordPress plugin allowing you to display your PDF file as a normal book which means you can flip pages easily. With a beautiful and simple interface, dFlip Books will become a useful tool for anyone who owns online reading books site.

This article aims to guide you to embed a PDF, which is synced or offloaded to S3 bucket by PDA Amazon S3 Integration, to dFlip Books.


You’ll need to install these plugins beforehand:

After that, we will walk you through the following steps:

  1. Upload and sync a PDF file to S3 bucket
  2. Create a new book and embed to content
  3. Using Search & Replace feature

Step 1: Upload and sync a PDF file to S3 bucket

You can upload and sync a file to S3 bucket at the same time by enabling these options under PDA Amazon S3 Integration’s Settings Page:

Step 2: Create a new book and embed to content

  • Step 2.1: Click Add New Book under dFlip Books menu in the left sidebar.

  • Step 2.2: Create a new book which includes the synced PDF file in step 1.

Note that if you offload the PDF file to S3 bucket, its URL will become an Amazon link and display as above.

  • Step 2.3: Once done, click Publish and you should see a shortcode of this book in the right sidebar. Simply copy it to your content.

If you chose an image file under “PDF thumbnail Image” option in step 2.2, please select the shortcode in Thumbnail tab instead.

Step 3: Using Search & Replace feature

  • Step 3.1: Select the post which you have embedded the shortcode in
    Search & Replace section under PDA Amazon S3 Integration’s Settings Page.

Step 3.2: Go back to your post and see the result!

Lasted updated on November 5, 2020