How to integrate dFlip with PDA Gold

dFlip Books is a WordPress plugin allowing you to display your PDF file as a normal book which means you can flip pages easily. With a beautiful and simple interface, dFlip Books will become a useful tool for anyone who owns online reading books sites.

This article aims to guide you to embed a protected PDF in dFlip Books and allow anyone to see but not download it.


Step 1: Protected a PDF file with PDA Gold

Once you install and activate PDA Gold plugin, go to Media Library List View.

Simply click “Configure file protection” to open a window popup, where you can get a private download link of this file.

Copy it and go to the next step.

Step 2: Create a new book with private download link

First of all, you need to click Add New Book under dFlip Books menu in the left sidebar.

Then you will create a new book including the private download link you have got in step 1.

Once done, click Publish to get the ebook shortcode in the top right corner of the screen.

To make sure that no one can access and download your protected ebook, go to dFlip Settings page and change “Enable Download” value to False.

Step 3: Add the ebook shortcode to content

After generating the ebook shortcode, go to editor page and add it to the content. Once done, click Publish or Update the page and you will see something like below:

Lasted updated on September 6, 2021