Known Limitations

Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold

  • Force Download feature hasn’t supported MP3 & MP4 files
  • Media “Bulk Actions” might cause errors when selecting no files (WordPress issue)
  • Raw URLs limitations on Nginx servers

PDA Protect Videos extension

  • Due to Browser connection limitations, default player can’t play more than 6 videos at the same time
  • Default player – S3 hosted: Playback Rate returns to 1x when being skipped
  • Integrate with Waveplayer
    • Haven’t supported playlist
    • Haven’t supported multisite mode (WIP)
  • Integrate with FV Player
    • Haven’t supported ver 7.x (WIP)

PDA Private Magic Links extension

  • Conflict with “Force Download” function of PDA Gold
  • Conflict with “Search & Replace” function of S3 (WIP)
Lasted updated on July 17, 2019