License Upgrade

In case you want to upgrade our license say from Plus to Pro (3 to 15-site installation), you’ll just need to:

  1. Contact our support with your order number and the license you want to upgrade
  2. Pay the difference in price between the 2 licenses
  3. Keep your website and license used on the old pricing plan (Plus) as they are now
  4. Install and activate our Gold version on your new websites using the new installation zip file and license sent to your email after purchasing the upgraded Pro license

It’s important to note that you do not have to uninstall our plugin on the existing sites and set them up with the new Pro license. It will complicate the matter further. Our system will adjust your license count accordingly. For example, you can only use your new Pro license on 12 new sites (15 minus 3 existing sites).

Can I use the same license on both staging and live sites?

In short, the answer is no. Here’s why:

Some customers want to test our plugin on their staging site first before implementing it live. So they have requested a settings option to “release” their license from the staging domain so that they can use the same (1-site) license on live site.

At first, that made sense to us. That’s why we once built and had that option. However, many customers had abused the flexibility by switching a single license across multiple sites. So we’ve come to the conclusion that the ability to update license on users’ end does more harm than good.

Besides, it’s tedious and very hard for us to differentiate between your live and staging sites especially when they’re on totally different domains. So to avoid wasting unwanted time and efforts for both sides, we always encourage our customers to get 3-site license instead if they want to test our plugin on their staging site first. After all, it’s only $12 difference between the 2 licenses.

It’s important to note that you should not try to manually remove your license from the Staging database yourself (then enter it again on your live site), which violates our terms and conditions. We do license checking and track its usage on our side as well. So this not only doesn’t work but also gets your account and license suspended.

Display limitations:

Please note that the “Purchased addons” under License tab only shows extensions that you’ve purchased by the time you activate your PDA Gold license. If you get other extensions after the license activation, they won’t be reflected here.

Likewise, if you’ve upgraded your license, the latest one won’t be updated here.

We will provide you with a button to update your latest license information in our upcoming version of PDA Gold.

Lasted updated on September 27, 2019