Membership Plugins Comparison

This is a list of top most popular membership plugins which you may consider using for your membership site.

Plugins nameWP Overall RatingNof 5 StarsActive InstallationsLast updated * Pro version price
Members4.8205100,000+1 year ago$39.95/year
Ultimate Member4.3574100,000+2 weeks ago$249/year
Paid Memberships Pro4.223280,000+1 month ago$297/year
WP-Members Membership Plugin4.616680,000+3 weeks ago$59/year
Simple membership4.416130,000+3 days agoFree
s2Member Framework3.912520,000+4 weeks ago$89
Restrict Content3.62310,000+4 months ago$99/year
Membership & Content Restriction 4.89910,000+1 month ago$69/year
MembermousePremium Plugin$19.95/month
MemberpressPremium Plugin$129/year

* The “last updated” data is not updated daily. It’s meant to give you an idea of how often the authors and developers updates their plugins. Simple membership & Ultimate Member are updating their plugins frequently. The rest except for Members plugin do it once in a few months.

Refer to the list of membership plugins supported by our PDA Gold.

Lasted updated on June 20, 2019