Non-Essential Features

Some functionality in Prevent Direct Access Gold will be disabled if your license expires. However, these are non-essential features and Prevent Direct Access Gold will continue to function and protect your private media files.

These features will be disabled:

  • Private Links: Customize and autogenerate new private links *
  • IP Restriction: stop certain IP addresses from accessing private download links
  • Shared Private Links (Private Magic Links extension): Update download expiry and limit for “shared private links” *

* All your existing private download links and “shared private link” won’t be affected.

How about Prevent Direct Access Gold Extensions?

Updates for all extensions of Prevent Direct Access Gold such as Protect WordPress Videos, File Access Permission, and Membership Integration will be disabled as well if you don’t renew your license.

The reason for that is we constantly update features on both Prevent Direct Access Gold and its extensions. So some new features of an extension may not be compatible with older version of Prevent Direct Access Gold. We can still let you use our extensions with the old and incompatible Gold version, but chances are it would not function properly and could even break your entire website, which goes beyond our control and against everyone’s wishes.

That’s why for security and compatibility reasons, we have to turn off updates for all extensions as well.

Lasted updated on September 16, 2018