Disable Varnish Cache for File Protection to work on one.com Hosting

one.com is an innovative supplier of web hosting services. It uses Varnish – a HTTP/web page accelerator, both as a load balancer and to speed up page loads. That means Varnish will handle asset requests from your website, instead of storage servers.

While Varnish makes a web page faster, caching servers prevent our PDA file protection from functioning properly on your website.

There are 2 ways to make our Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold work seamlessly with one.com hosting:

  1. Use Rawl URL
  2. Exclude protected files 

1. Use Rawl URL

Using our Raw URLs provides a quick and dirty solution to enable file protection to work immediately.

Enable our Raw URLs option

2. Exclude protected files from being cached

This method keeps the pretty permalinks for your file URLs.

To allow our PDA Gold to work on your site, you will have to temporarily disable the varnish cache.

  • Go to our _pda folder located under wp-content/uploads/
  • Add this following code on top of your .htaccess file
Header add "Cache-Control" "no-cache"

That’s all you have to do. Now, all your files should be protected correctly with our PDA Gold.

Lasted updated on August 19, 2020