Prevent Direct Access Gold vs Protect Videos Extension

FeaturesNon-protectedPDA GoldProtect Videos Extension
View videos onlineYes (unprotected)Yes, but only “admins” or certain roles can view itYes
Protect videos against download“Inspectable”, and downloadable by anyoneNo, against authorized users onlyYes
Protect against video downloaders, e.g. IDM and Video GrabberNoNoYes
Provide a cool HTML5 video playerNoNoYes
Support FV playerNANAYes
Protect Videos hosted on Amazon S3NoNoYes

In short,

    • PDA Gold does protect your video URL against custom user roles but it doesn’t allow anyone to view your videos online
    • Our videos protection plugin integrates with PDA Gold and extends its features by:
      • providing a cool HTML5 video player
      • allowing anyone to view your videos online (but cannot download them)
      • protecting your videos against video downloader such as IDM and FBDown

In order to protect your videos, they have to be put inside WordPress Media libraryIn case your videos are too big to be uploaded by WordPress, you can upload them directly to your website server (just like what you’ve done) and use this Add from server plugin to add them to WordPress.

Once done, install our Protect Videos extension then protect and embed these videos into your content.

Lasted updated on August 14, 2018