Prevent Direct Access Lite Version

Prevent Direct Access WordPress plugin provides a simple way to prevent search engines and the public from indexing and accessing your files without complex user authentication. Our lite version offers the following functionalities:

Protect Up to 3 Uploaded Files

Prevent Direct Access is designed to protect your files such as images, documents or videos that you upload via WordPress Media or Post. Once protected, they cannot be accessed directly on the server. An error message will appear if others attempt to read and download these files.

Currently, this plugin restricts the maximum number of protected files to 3 for the free version. Please check out our premium version which offer unlimited protected files and many other extended features.

Auto-generate Private URL

Once a file is protected, the plugin will automatically generate a private URL containing random string for users to access the file. This private URL is the ONLY way to access the protected file.

Users can copy that private URL to clipboard and subsequently  pasting it on their browsers or email by clicking on the “Copy URL” button.

Please note that this plugin is not compatible with WordPress versions less than 3.7. It also requires PHP 5.2+.


  1. Click “Add New” under “Plugins” once you have logged into your WordPress account
  2. Search “Prevent Direct Access” under Plugin Repository/Directory
  3. Click “Install Now”

Plugin Walkthrough With Screenshots

The following screenshots demonstrate how to activate and use the Free version of Prevent Direct Access.

  1. Once you have installed the plugin, please click “Activate”    screenshot-1
  2. Go to “Media” to protect your files
  3. Choose “List View” mode for the plugin’s options to show
  4. You will notice there’s an extra column called “Prevent Direct Access” created by our plugin. Simply check the box next to the file that you want to protect to prevent others from accessing to it.
  5. Once you check the box, the plugin will automatically generate a private URL. Click “Copy  URL” to copy it to clipboard.
  6. If you want to un-protect your files, simply uncheck the box again.
  7. As the plugin’s lite version offers protection to up to 3 files only, an error message will be displayed when you try to protect more than 3 files. Please check out our premium version, which protects unlimited WordPress files, tracks the number of clicks (hits) on your private links; as well as enables you to edit the private links and many other premium features.

Please note that our plugin’s private links and your protected files may not display correctly if they’re cached. So please make sure you clear all caches including your hosting cache, cache plugins and browser cache.

Please read more about this at our FAQ.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment below:

Lasted updated on May 21, 2018