What is a Private Magic Link?

A Private Magic Link, or Magic Link for short, is created by Private Magic Links extension to automatically replace a protected file URL embedded in content. This link is only valid for a preset time and will be automatically removed after expiring. Simultaneously, a new Private Magic Link will be auto-created replacing the previously expired one. This entire process is done automatically. This is why we call it “magic”.

This feature adds a new layer of protection into Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold as it allows authorized users to view, and at the same time, stop them from sharing and downloading your protected files.

To avoid confusion, we’ve removed setting “default private link” feature on our file configuration popup since version

Private Magic Links will be displayed in PDA Gold file configuration popup and highlighted in yellow to differentiate with other normal private links.

  • Private Magic Link is sometimes referred to as the “default private link”
  • There is only one Private Magic Link available at a particular time for each file
  • Private Magic Links are valid for 1 minute by default, which can be changed under PDA Settings, “Magic Links” tab
    • If you change the default expiry from 10 hour to 1 minute, for example, you have to go to our file protection popup and remove the current default private link (highlighted in yellow) or wait until it expires (in 10 hours). Otherwise, magic links with the new expiry value will not work yet.
  • Deactivating or deleting the current magic link before to the new expiry time value can take effect
  • Once deactivated, the magic link becomes a normal private link and won’t be automatically deleted
Lasted updated on October 4, 2019