Protect and Sell WordPress Premium Videos with WooCommerce

In this article, we will show you how to configure our plugins to protect videos and sell them with WooCommerce.


Once activating our plugins, go to create or edit a page.

Step 1: Protect your videos and embed them into content using our Protected Video block.

Step 2: Protect the pages containing these videos using Protect WordPress Pages & Posts plugin.

Step 3: Set default Access Permission of these pages as “administrator” and “customer”.

To achieve it, navigate to Content Protection from your admin dashboard and select “Choose custom roles” from Set Access Permission dropdown list.

Step 4: Create a product and copy & page the protected page URL under File URL field.

Please make sure your customers have to register an account during checkout.

So once visitors purchase your products, they will become a “customer” and are able to access your protected content.

Lasted updated on April 1, 2020