How to protect WordPress custom post types

Protect Pages & Posts (PPP) plugin allows you to protect not only WordPress pages and posts but also other custom post types, for example, “Products” created by WooCommerce.

Once a custom post type is selected under Post Type Protection option on our plugin’s Settings Page,

the “Content Protection” column will display under the post type’s screen as follows:

“Protect posts” and “Unprotect posts” options will be added to Bulk Actions simultaneously (only for Pages & Posts now).

Simply click “Protect this post” or using protect bulk to protect your private content as usual.

It’s important to know that removing a post type from the input field just hides PPP features from its management screen. It doesn’t mean that all protected posts under this post type will become unprotected.

This feature is available from version 1.0.11 supporting almost all WordPress custom post types created manually or using other plugins such as Toolset Types, Custom Post Type UI and Pods.

Lasted updated on June 18, 2019