Protect WordPress Pages & Posts

The ppp_private_link shortcode enables you to create private links of protected content from anywhere.

You might want to use the shortcode to create a private access way for your audience. Users have to complete a form before getting a private link which expires after once click, for example.

[ppp_private_link post_id=X access_limit=X access_expiry=X]

*Replace X by a positive integer

  • post_id (required): the id of the protected content
  • access_limit (optional): the number of times (clicks) user can access this private link
  • access_expiry (optional): the number of minutes after that the private link will expire

If you receive this error message: “The private link cannot be generated due to invalid attribute value”, please make sure your post is protected by PPP Gold plugin and you are using positive integers.

This kind of private link doesn’t show under popup and will be deleted automatically after every 24 hours by cron job.


Lasted updated on July 16, 2019