Updating Plugins

We will be constantly updating our plugin to add new features and/or fix existing bugs if any. So it’s important for you to keep our plugin to its latest version.

To do that, you don’t need to re-download and re-install our plugin’s zip file. Instead, you just need to follow our instructions below.

Please make sure that you have already activated your license key successfully on your site before updating our plugins.

How to Update PDA Gold

Single WordPress Sites

To update our plugin, click on “Plugins” under your WordPress Admin then locate our “Prevent Direct Access Gold”, you will see the notification below when there is a new version of our plugin. Simply click on “update now” to get our latest version.

In case you’ve never seen the update notification for a while, please click on “Check for updates”.

The update will not delete any existing data and settings.

Please note that although we’ve always done rigorous testing before deployment, it’s highly recommended that you perform a full backup of your WordPress website including your files and database before applying any updates.

WordPress Multisite Network

Manage Plugins under Multisite

There are a few differences in managing and updating plugins on WordPress multisite network and single site:

    • You can add, update, or delete plugins under network settings only.
    • Network activate or deactivate plugins will activate/deactivate for all sites in the network. However, if a plugin has been activated on an individual site, “network deactivate” action won’t make it become inactive.

How to Update PDA Plugins on Multisite Network

Step 1: Install our plugins under the network admin dashboard, e.g PDA Lite, and Gold but do not activate them.

Step 2: Go to the site where you want to use these plugins and activate them individually.

Step 3: In order to update our plugins, you have to “network activate” or activate them on the main site of your network.

It’s worth noticing that you can only see the plugin update notification when accessing network admin (available to super admins only).

Click on “Check for update” to get the update link. The update process should work the same as in a single site.

    Please note that Prevent Direct Access Gold requires the Lite version to be activated to get our plugin updates.

    You’re also required to activate your license key on the main site to get updates on a multisite network.

In case you “network activate” to update our plugins to their latest version, you should network deactivate them once the update process is done. Those sites with our plugin activated still remain active and working. The rest of the sites are still working without our plugins as usual.

If you get the “Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin” message, see the section below.

Automatic Update is Unavailable

Since PDA Gold version 3.3.2, there are some possible cases where you get an “Update Unavailable” error message as the image below.

Invalid Site URL

Typically, you must activate, i.e. enter a valid license key for our plugin to work on your site.

When you migrate your website to a different domain, e.g. from a staging environment to a live site, your site URL is not activated. That is the reason why when you update the plugin on the live site, you will receive the warning message above.

You need to upgrade the PDA Gold license plan to use our plugins on more sites or contact us if you have any other questions.

Expired License

If you get our annual subscription license, it will be auto-renewed every year for continued updates and support. In case you cancel your subscription, you can continue using and receiving updates as normal until your license key expires.

You will need to renew or re-purchase our plugin in order to retain access to plugin updates.

Limitation: If you keep receiving the “Update Unavailable” error message while your license key is active and your site URL is registered, please try clicking the “Check for Update” button again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us for further support.

Disabled License

Your license becomes disabled when your refund request is granted or you violate our terms of use. This means you can no longer use the plugin.

In this case, you can choose to either remove our plugin completely from your site or get a new license to continue using it.

Nulled License

If you receive that error message during the updates, it’s because you are using a nulled version of our PDA Gold plugin.

Please remove it from your site and get a legitimate one.

Otherwise, you will not get any updates and support from us. Not to mention that it’s risky to download pirated plugins through unofficial sources, as you’re exposing yourself to invisible viruses and all kinds of malicious code.

Lasted updated on August 28, 2021