PDA Gold is now compatible with WPML

WPML comes with a built-in function allowing you to duplicate files under the Media Library for multiple languages. 

Here’s what WPML does:

  • The plugin keeps the same file URL (instead of duplicating the file) but changes the file ID across different languages. 
  • That means one file URL could have as many as 3 different IDs stored in the database

While that process might be optimal for them, it’s rather difficult for our plugin to protect these files properly.

Requirement: PDA Gold version 3.1.5 and above

Since version 3.1.5, our PDA Gold is now compatible with WPML. The file protection and Access Permission now work consistently across different languages.

However, it is not compatible with WPML version 4.4.0 & higher since the logic to handle Media Files in sub-languages has been changed. We will work on this compatibility in our next PDA Gold release.

PDA Gold & WPML: Integration Logic

  • You can protect and configure the file protection, i.e. set File Access Permission, under the default language only
    • When you upload a new file under other languages, you won’t be able to protect them. You have to switch to the main language first.
  • Once a file is (un)protected, all its copies under sub-languages will be (un) protected accordingly.
    • In other words, the protection status and File Access Permission will follow the one under the default language

Please note that when WPML is deactivated, all media files under multiple languages will be moved back into one place. As a result, your file uploads will appear “duplicated” under Media Library. Protecting one file will cause a “missing file” error for the others because they all share the same file URL as mentioned above.

Lasted updated on November 5, 2020