AffiliateWP – SendOwl Integration

Selling digital products with SendOwl? You will be able to sell and earn much more with AffiliateWP and our extension!

SendOwl Integration extension is an add-on for AffiliateWP - the #1 WordPress affiliate marketing plugin in the market.


SendOwl & AffiliateWP Integration

Affiliates can promote any of your digital products hosted on SendOwl by sharing their referral link (URL). When a customer purchases your products through a referral link, the affiliate who referred the customer is credited with a commission.

Affiliate Coupon Tracking

SendOwl itself supports creating discount codes out of the box. You can create a fixed amount or percentage based discount such as $20 or 20% respectively, and then give them to your potential customers.

Now we take one step further and integrate your existing SendOwl coupon codes with AffiliateWP. In other words, you will be able to assign SendOwl coupons to any of your affiliates allowing them to share the codes with their audience.

Our extension will automatically credit the affiliate whose discount codes are used to purchase your products. That means those affiliates won't even need to share their referral link anymore.

One SendOwl coupon can be associated with one affiliate. One affiliate can have as many coupons as you'd like them to.

Set custom commission for each coupon

When you provide your affiliates with a huge coupon codes, chances are you want to lower their commission rates slightly. Our extension allows you to do just that.

Let's say, this coupon code - AWP-PDA gives users 30% off on our PDA Gold 3-site lifetime license. You can then set referral rate of the coupon to 15%. In other words, the associated affiliate will only earn 15% commission, compared to the normal 21%, of the usual price.

Alternatively, you can keep the same referral rate but the commission will be calculated based on the total price after the discount code is applied.

Display available coupons on front-end

Once you assign the coupons to your affiliates, we will show a Coupon tab and available codes for them to share with their audience.

We will display other information about the coupons from SendOwl as well. Users will just need to click "Reload" to get the latest coupon information.

Set specific Commission Rate for each SendOwl Product

The extension also enables you to set different referral rates for each SendOwl product.

For instance, you can set product AWP-SendOwl to have a referral rate of 69%, much higher than your global commission rate. The rest of your digital products will continue using the global rate. This comes in handy when you’d like affiliates to focus on your brand new products, which will earn them a higher commission.

Here's the commission rate priority if you set them on multiple places:

  1. Individual coupon's referral rate
  2. Affiliate specific rate (set via SendOwl Redirect URL)
  3. Individual affiliate’s referral rate (set via AffiliateWP)
  4. AffiliateWP global setting rate

Redirect to Sale Pages on different WordPress sites or domains

In some cases, you may want your affiliate area to be hosted outside of your ecommerce website. AffiliateWP supports sharing cookies across a multisite network but not on 2 different WordPress sites.

Our extension allows you to redirect users to a specific SendOwl sale pages hosted on a separate site (domain). You don't even need to install any plugin on the main site where your sale pages are hosted.

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WordPress: 4.7 or higher
AffiliateWP 2.4.2 or higher
PHP: 5.6 or higher

Extension Details

Developer: BWPS Team
Version: 1.1.0
License: 3-site license