Extension’s License

Your extension’s license is tied to your main plugin’s license, which could be either:

In other words, let’s say you’ve got a 3-site PDA Gold license, you’ll be able to use any extensions of our PDA Gold that you purchase with that license on 3 sites as well.

You no longer have to activate the main plugin’s license first before purchasing its extensions. In fact, you can even purchase its extensions first before getting, let’s say, our PDA Gold.

During checkout

After Purchase

  • Simply install and activate your main plugin’s license first then activate the extension plugin
  • Please note that you don’t have to enter your extensions’ license anywhere on your website. If you have used the same email when purchasing both the main plugin and extensions, you don’t have to do anything else. Our license system will do it automatically when you activate the main plugin’s license.
    • The extension license key sent to you is mainly used for checking purposes in case something goes wrong.