Password Protect WordPress

Password Protect WordPress

Password Protect WordPress Pro provides an easy yet powerful way to password protect your WordPress private content.


  • Protect each WordPress page & post with multiple passwords

    The plugin integrates nicely with WordPress default password protected feature in such a way that you can manage all passwords of your pages/posts in a simple and friendly popup.

    • Create your own or generate a random password
    • Deactivate each individual password manually: Only "active" passwords can be used to access your protected content
    • Limit and auto-expire passwords by total usage and dates
    • Track password usage: you will get to know how many times each password has been used
    • Tracking more information on password usage with Download Links Statistics extension (WIP)
      • IP addresses
      • Date time
      • Country
  • Password protect WordPress pages & posts by user roles

    Set a different password for different user roles of your website. For example, you can set one password for your subscribers and another one for your members.

    Whitelist Roles

    Grant access to password protected content for certain user roles such as admins and logged-in users. Those in the whitelist roles are not required to enter passwords to access these private content.

    Password's cookies expiration

    Users won't have to enter the password again to access a protected page until its cookies expire. You can change the expiration time on our settings page.

  • Password protect the whole WordPress website

    Protect your entire WordPress website and its content with a single password.

  • Protect all posts under a category

    You can quickly protect all posts under a particular category. A new password will be auto-generated for each individual post.

  • Auto-protect all child pages

    You have an option to automatically protect all child pages once their parent is protected. This allows you to set the same password to protect multiple pages at the same time. Convenient, isn't it?

  • Set the same password for multiple pages

    Instead of password protecting multiple pages and posts individually, you can just do it at one go. Setting the same password for multiple pages has never been easier!

Prevent Direct Access Gold Integration

Users can access all protected files embedded in a protected page after entering the correct password.

ActiveCampaign Integration

Automatically generate a new password for a pre-set protected page when a user subscribes to your ActiveCampaign email list. You can then send these unique passwords to each of your subscribers using ActiveCampaign newsletter or automated emails.

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WordPress: 4.0 or higher
PHP: 5.6 or higher

Extension Details

Developer: BWPS Team
Version: 1.0.5
License: 3-site license