Private Magic Links

The Private Magic Links extension allows you to embed and dynamically update any private download links of your protected files on your content without having to do any manual work.


  • Set a default private download link for every single protected file
  • Set a default expire time for all private magic links
  • Automatically create a new private link and dynamically update it on your content when the previous one expires.

In short, the extension comes in handy when you want to use and embed your private download links directly in your content. Your private download links will expire within a period of time based on your preset settings. Once they're expired, Private Magic Links extension automatically creates a new private link and update the content for you. No more manual work.

Private Magic Links extension works perfectly with Prevent Direct Access Gold, Protect Pages & Posts Gold and Prevent Direct Access S3.


  • You have a membership site where only your members have access to a private document
    1. Protect the document with Prevent Direct Access Gold
    2. Embed the document link to your content via WordPress "Add Media" as usual
    3. Set a default expire time for all private links using Magic Private Links extension
      Now your private document link will automatically change and update according to the expire time that you set. This will help stop from sharing the document.
  • You have a private download page that only your subscribers have access to.
    1. Protect the page with our Protect Pages & Posts Gold
    2. Follow step 2 and 3 mentioned above
  • Short time subscription: Your customers will be able to access exclusive content such as training videos for 7 days after they place their order.
    Use WooCommerce Integration extension to insert your desired content into WooCommerce completed order email the use Private Magic Links to expire your private page link after 7 days.

See It In Action

This is a dynamic link to a protected page whose link expires every single minute.

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WordPress: 4.6 or higher
Prevent Direct Access Gold: or higher
or Prevent Direct Access S3: 1.0.3 or higher
or Protect Pages and Posts Gold: or higher
PHP:  5.4 or higher


Extension Details

Developer: BWPS Team
License: As per your main plugin license

Your extension license is tied to either your Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold, PDA S3 or Protect Pages & Posts Gold's license. So please use the same email when purchasing these plugins and this extension.


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