File Access Restriction

Access Restriction extension restricts WordPress file access to specific user roles of your website. It also allows you to restrict your website access to some IP addresses only.


  • Allow specific user roles to access your private files and documents. In other words, it activates full "File Access Permission" options available on Prevent Direct Access Gold on each and every protected file, namely:
    • Default setting
    • Admin users
    • The file's author
    • All logged-in users
    • No one
    • Anyone
    • Custom roles - which you can choose multiple user roles who can access your protected files
  • Block specific IP addresses from accessing all your private download links
  • Allow specific IP addresses to access all your private download links
  • Blacklist specific IP addresses from accessing private links of each private file
  • Allow only specific IP addresses to access your website. In other words, your entire website is blocked against the rest of the public.
  • Whitelist or blacklist private link access by country (WIP)
  • Whitelist or blacklist private link access by domain (WIP)

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One-time payment. Extensions subject to yearly Prevent Direct Access Gold license for support and updates. View terms.


WordPress: 4.0 or higher
Prevent Direct Access Gold: 2.6 or higher
PHP:  5.4 or higher


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Extension Details

Developer: BWPS Team
Version: 1.0.5
License: As per your PDA license

Your extension license is tied to your Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold license. So please use the same email when purchasing PDA Gold and this extension.