How to Fix WordPress Media Library Not Showing Images

WordPress Media Library is where you store photos, videos, audio, and other media files uploaded to your site. However, there may be times when you stumble into various Media Library problems, from loading errors to grid view not working or even thumbnails not showing.

Have you ever faced the issue of the Media Library not displaying images? It suddenly makes your Library a blank space. This prevents you from adding images to your content. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions you can apply to fix it.

In this article, we’ll explain why the error of Media Library not showing images occurs via 3 main reasons. Then, we’ll also guide you through 3 methods to deal with it.

Why WordPress Media Library Does Not Show Images

Before trying any solutions, you need to deeply understand the reasons why the WordPress Media Library doesn’t perform images.

  • Inconsistent or Badly Coded Plugins

The issue of not showing images in the WordPress library is typically caused by an incompatible or poorly coded plugin. Most plugin-related problems come from third-party software or accidental coding issues. Those can make your Media Library prone to bugs.

  • Themes Do Not Comply with Media Library

Failure to show images in the WordPress Media Library can happen on account of inappropriate themes. Worst of all, themes that don’t submit to the Media Library can threaten the website’s efficiency. It will interfere with the Media Library by removing images afterward.

  • Incorrect File Permissions

Apart from plugins and themes errors, your Media Library isn’t loading owing to wrong file permissions. All the WordPress files are stored on your web hosting server, which requires a specific folder and directory permissions to operate. So, if it appears to have wrong file permissions, scanning or uploading images files on the hosting server will be prevented.

3 Methods to Fix WordPress Media Library Not Displaying Images

Now, we’ll look at 3 different ways to make your WordPress Media Library work properly.

#1 Check Plugin Incompatibility

As we covered, your premium plugins may not be suitable for your site and come into conflict with others. This prevents you from uploading or seeing any picture on your website.

Following are some simple steps to examine your plugins:

Step 1: Head to your WordPress admin dashboard and select Plugins. A list of installed plugins will be presented on your screen. Select all of them, then scroll to Deactivate from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu and click Apply.


Step 2: Remove the cache memory if you have installed a caching or performance plugin before.

Step 3: Return to your Media Library and check if it loads. To make sure it works well, let’s try to upload a new photo and check if you can see it perfectly.

Step 4: If the Media Library runs correctly, one of your plugins is the major cause of this problem. Then, you have to reactivate each plugin and examine the Media Library manually. Repeat this process until you find the plugin that makes the library stops loading. It’s time-wasting and boring, but it’s the only way to find the culprit.

If the problem persists once you deactivate all the plugins successfully, it isn’t due to plugin incompatibility. Let’s move on to another potential source of the problems: the themes.

#2 Test out Theme Incompatibility

First off, go to Appearance > Themes to install and activate a new theme (a different theme rather than the one you’ve currently set). If your Media Library now operates, the theme might be the issue. Otherwise, it comes from a more extensive problem.

Since both plugins and themes play a vital role in your blog site. You have to look for an alternative immediately after you come across the issue.

#3 File Permission

Last but not least, another suspect for not showing images in the Media Library derives from invalid file permission if there is no problem with your plugins or theme. So, you need to set correct file permissions to resolve not showing image issues on your WordPress site.

Other Issues of WordPress Media Library

Besides not showing images, users also come across 3 other serious problems in Media Library.

WordPress Media Library Shows Broken or Blank Thumbnail

By default, WordPress Media Library covers image files with thumbnail specifications. Conflicting plugins or themes can dramatically affect the presence of thumbnails on your WordPress platform. When thumbnails can’t operate properly, you’ll see a blank file display or grey layer instead of your typical icon.

Image Upload Errors in WordPress

As stated, WordPress doesn’t let you upload files on the hosting server if there are wrong file permissions. You may get the error notification when uploading an image or any other media file: ‘The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/. Or your images may not even publish from the Media Library.

Grid View is Not Active

Whenever you need to upload images to your posts, grid view proves a great place for you to view your media in a quick-view format. When it comes to a faulty plugin or theme, the grid view isn’t running. And it results in malfunctions in the Media Library and adding images to your WordPress site becomes tougher.

Manage Your WordPress Media Library at Hand

Image is considered one of the most valuable and impressive factors to draw visitors’ attention. So, if you run into issues of not showing pictures in WordPress Media Library, you need to find the fault as soon as possible.

This article also provides you with a list of actionable approaches to fix your WordPress Media Library not showing images. All steps of each process are super simple for everyone to follow, even if you aren’t tech-savvy.

In case you have any problems when resolving this error, please leave a message in the chatbox below and share your experience.