Creative Ways to Freshen Up Your Digital Ads on Social Media

Social media platforms have become a part of almost everybody’s life. These websites allow people to connect with each other no matter where they are in the world. They also play a role in developing relationships between individuals, whether they have known each other for a long time or have only met online.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have also become more important because of the crisis being faced by almost everybody around the world. Since the start of the pandemic, individuals were not able to go out of their houses and meet up with friends and family.

To stay connected with each other, people turned to social networking sites. That is also the reason why nowadays, most individuals cannot go a day without scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed or tweeting something to update their loved ones on how they are doing. They also use these platforms to talk with each other through private messages and voice and video calls.

In this article, we’ll briefly explain what social media is as well as its importance. Then, we’ll give you 4 tips to freshen up your digital ads

All About Social Media Marketing

What Is Social Media?

Social media marketing refers to the practice of utilizing social media platforms to market a brand’s products or services. Businesses also use these sites to listen to what their target audience needs and engage with them. They use these platforms to assess how their brand is doing on social media by analyzing their reach, engagement, and sales as well.

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Brands have a variety of social media platforms to choose from in advertising their products or services. Here are some of the primary choices available:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

These sites all have a different audience base, each one varying in age, interests, and more. Because of this, brands should thoroughly think about which social media platforms to use depending on their target audience.

Although social media marketing has been proven effective in raising brand awareness and engaging with your target audience, this effort alone might not be enough. You might need to complement your social media marketing strategy with paid advertising.

Importance of Social Media

The popularity of social media is supported by statistics. According to Backlinko, there are 3.96 billion individuals worldwide that currently use social media as of 2021. This number is almost double the recorded number of social media users in 2015, which is 2.07 billion.

Because of the popularity of social media platforms, businesses started leveraging these sites to connect with their audience, build their brand, increase sales, and drive traffic to their website. Companies can be successful in doing all these through social media marketing.

Paid Social Media

Social media marketing involves organic effort in order to reach users and encourage them to support your brand. On the other hand, paid social media refers to the practice of allotting a budget to boost posts and advertisements on a social network.

Doing this allows you to reach more individuals, even those that are not following your brand as long as they fall under the category you have set for your campaign. Paid social media also provides you with faster results compared to doing things organically.

In order to attract more individuals to support your brand, you need a digital ad that engages them no matter when they see your promotion. To accomplish this, you need to refresh your paid social media ads regularly. Doing so will also help you avoid ad fatigue.

What Is Ad Fatigue?

Ad fatigue is a phenomenon that happens when your ad gets seen by people too often. When this happens, users get accustomed to your promotion and become less affected by it.

Once your target audience experiences ad fatigue, it will definitely show on your campaign’s performance. One thing you might notice is the decline in your click-through rate over time. You may also observe that your cost per acquisition is rising as ad fatigue starts to settle in your target audience.

How to Freshen Up Your Digital Ads

Ad fatigue does not only make your paid social media promotions ineffective. If not addressed immediately, it can also cost you a lot of money.

So, how do you avoid ad fatigue? One of the simplest ways you can do is to refresh your digital ads every now and then.

Refresh Your Ad Creative Regularly

Before refreshing your ad creative, determine if it is the right time to do so first. You can do this by checking on your campaign’s clickthrough rate. Once you notice it declining, you should start to change your ad creative. Remember to look at your clickthrough rates often as the decline can happen in as little as one week, especially if you do heavy ad spend.

Freshening up your ad creative may seem simple at first. However, coming up with a new design for ads takes time, no matter if you are doing it yourself or working with a social media agency.

Luckily, you do not always need to create an entirely new ad creative every time you encounter ad fatigue. You can change a few parts of your advertisement at a time.

Tweak Your Content

One thing you can change on your ads is their content. You can test a variety of combinations of different headlines, ad copy, and CTAs. Launch them one by one or simultaneously then monitor their performance to see which ones work best for your brand.

This method can save you a lot of time and effort because you do not have to think about creating any additional content or elements. You just have to take your existing content and mix and match each segment until you form an ad copy.

Try a New Visual

Photos are among the first things that users look at when they encounter an ad. When they get tired of seeing the photos in your ads, you should consider using another image. This will help you in regaining your target audience’s interest.

You can also try using a video in your paid social media ads. According to experts, videos are able to catch a user’s interest better than any other type of media. They can also help in improving your relevancy score. In fact, statistics show that using videos in ads has helped marketers grow their revenue faster by 49% compared to those who don’t.

It is important to make sure your video does its job if you add it to your paid social media ad. The best way to guarantee this is to make your video fun to watch and edit with the right online video editor tool and make it a short video that is engaging and entertaining so it will capture the attention of your viewers and maybe even make them smile.

Additionally, since internet users’ attention span is not that long, your video should make an impact as soon as possible. Ideally, you should pique your audience’s interest in 10 seconds or less.

Change Your Offer

If your efforts of changing your ad creative still do not work, maybe it is time to change your offer. You can adjust the goal of your social media ad to match the current need of your audience.

For example, you notice that your target audience is not responding to your sales-oriented ads and CTAs. This might be because they are not yet familiar with your products or services and might need some additional information. Another reason is that they are currently loyal to other brands and need some convincing as to why they should switch to your products and services.

Some of the options you can choose from are the following:

  • Inform: Create awareness regarding your brand and the products or services that you offer.
  • Persuade: To convince or influence users to switch brands, try a new item or stay faithful to your brand.
  • Remind: Remind your target audience why they need the product or service that you offer as well as the advantages of grabbing them immediately.

Switching between these three and other ad goals can help you avoid ad fatigue. Doing this can also show your target audience that you are not solely concerned with selling your items and products to them. You also listen and understand their needs and can adjust accordingly.

It’s Time to Freshen Up Your Digital Ads on Social Media

The tips listed above can help you freshen up your social media ads to avoid ad fatigue and keep your target audience engaged with your brand. However, you should remember that there is no particular strategy that will make your social media ad campaign successful.

You still need to invest time, effort, and money in trying to find the strategy that will work for your business. You must also commit to monitoring your ads regularly and making appropriate changes and optimization whenever needed. Doing this will allow you to determine the right technique in maintaining the performance of your ads.