How to Generate Open Graph Image WordPress for Boosting Traffic

Open Graph Image WordPress explains the link’s content appealingly when sharing across social networks. Through auto-generated images, businesses’ articles can make a strong impression to earn more social shares and large website traffic.

With high demands for connections from social content, open graph images help businesses receive more engagements per share. Without a special image preview feature, you will drop competitive advantages due to fewer chances of captivating viewers’ attention.

To generate the social image previews, you can utilize the open graph tag or install plugins to automate the process. If you’re wondering about the best plugins for adding WordPress open graph images, continue reading to receive top-tier recommendations.

Benefits of Open Graph Protocol for Websites

Open Graph Protocol optimizes user experience by improving the visibility of shared content. In short, it presents accurate titles and featured images to visualize the overall content of shared posts and articles.

When attracting viewers through engaging previews, you will have more chances of witnessing more clicks and engagements. As a result, your websites can receive large traffic along with quality backlinks from trustworthy sources.

Quality traffic sources can raise the website’s trustworthiness and reputation, thus, improving its ranking on Google search results. Additionally, you can expect more conversions, such as registering emails or purchasing products, when approaching the target audience.

Apart from enhancing website performance, WordPress open graph image supports brands in increasing more social presence through various shares. Your businesses can build a community of followers that understand the delivered messages on social platforms.

The Open Graph tag also proves its benefits in tracking the content sharing strategy’s effectiveness. In detail, it sends the traffic data that demonstrates the performance regarding different metrics whenever a user shares your content.

Types of Open Graph Tags

Social media platforms commonly have various open graph tag types with different uses. In particular, you are facilitated with basic tags to specify several elements, such as types, titles, URLs, featured images, etc.


The basic tags include:

  • OG:Title – Enabling you to define the title name for the blog posts and websites. To attract users, you should guarantee the title is captivating, compelling, and between 60 and 90 characters.
  • OG:Type – Allowing you to indicate shared content types. In detail, you can choose from various types, such as entertainment (music, video, book, game, food), web-based (blog, article, website), people (politician, author, actor), places (city, country), or businesses (hotel, restaurant, company).
  • OG:URL – Letting you set up the URL for the shared page. The best practice to apply this tag is to use the canonical URL. Moreover, keeping the URL concise and simple also earns a plus point for optimizing the user experience.
  • OG:Image – Authorizing you to set up the featured images when displaying. By defining the optimal image size and resolution, you can retain viewers’ eyes to earn more clicks and conversions.

The optional tags include:

  • OG:Audio – Defining the URL linking to the additional audio files.
  • OG:Video – Specifying the URL linking to the video files.
  • OG:Description – Enabling you to describe the content in the related posts and articles. Despite not affecting SEO effectiveness, this feature helps captivate viewers’ eyes for more engagement.
  • OG:Locale – Indicating the content language. Commonly, this tag is used in multi-language websites.
  • OG:site_name – Showing the website’s name that creates the shared content.


How to Add WordPress Open Graph Image Tags

Yoast SEO is well-known for keyword and content optimization that helps you improve the website’s rankings. Not only that but the plugin also supports adding social open graph tags to bring out the shared content. To create the open graph tags, take the following steps:

  1. Access the WordPress admin dashboard
  2. In the left-side menu, click on Yoast SEO
  3. Select Social in the expanded options


4. Choose one of the social tabs where you want to share your content, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest


5. Toggle the switch to enable or disable the Open Graph Meta Data feature


6. Customize the tag by adding and modifying the default image. If your post does not contain any image, it will display the default one instead.


7. Hit on Save Changes

Open Graph Image Size for Social Media Platforms

The optimal size of featured images guarantees a decent performance when sharing on a specific social network. Commonly, you should install a specialized plugin to automate the image size for social posting. Still, you can manually edit the image dimension before sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through the following instructions.


This platform enables the least image size of 200 x 200 pixels. Practically, you should guarantee at least 600 x 314 pixels for displaying correctly. To maintain the best quality for adapting all-devices resolution, you should edit from 1200 x 630 pixels upward.


By default, Twitter allows for at least 144 x 144 pixels and resizes more than 4096 x 4096 pixels. To display all details at the best quality, you should use 300 x 157 pixels upward.


The LinkedIn algorithm will automate generating the image, which adapts to the standard, at least 80 x 150 pixels. If it does not meet the required size, this platform will generate another image on the website. For best performance, you should use a 1200 x 627 image.

Top Plugins to Generate Open Graph Image WordPress

#1 MightyShare


The MightyShare plugin possesses advanced features in generating stunning image previews when sharing on social networks. Specifically, it will showcase the featured image and title using the website API key.

Furthermore, this plugin offers different templates with various customized options regarding logo, color, and other elements. The paid plans allow generating hundreds of images at a moderate price of $5.

#2 WP Social Preview


WP Social Preview provides social content preview when sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms. You can easily customize the open graph tag without coding knowledge when changing the title, image, and description.

Besides, you can modify the design templates to attract viewers for more conversions. At present, you can freely experience this plugin for free.

#3 Branded Social Images


Branded Social Images assists spreading brand identity when attaching logos to social image previews. Specifically, you can modify the position and scale of the logo before sharing.

You can use the plugin to automatically establish open graph images for the entire website or specific posts/pages. This free plugin offers all the features you need to generate social image previews.

#4 BannerBear


BannerBear owns a comprehensive toolkit only to serve the social graph image and video creating purpose. Through various options of customized templates, integrations, and REST APIs, this plugin adds more value to your shared content.

This premium plugin provides three pricing plans with different feature numbers. It costs $49 for the Automate bundle, $149 for the Scale bundle, and $299 for the Enterprise bundle.

#5 Abyssale


The Abyssale plugin offers a professional tool based on AI technology to implement multiple commercial actions. Specifically, you can find various engaging template designs to generate social images and videos automatically.

Besides, you can personalize the images to hit the target audiences. It costs $39 for the Essential bundle, $63 for the Advanced bundle, and $239 for the Premium bundle.

Choose Your Assistant Wisely

The Open Graph Image WordPress carries out social content strategies in attracting viewers for more engagements and conversions. You should choose an appropriate plugin to implement the task depending on your budget and the professional level of the auto-generated images.

Do you find this article useful? Is there any obstacle with the open graph image WordPress that needs guiding? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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