The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Downloads in Dropbox

Dropbox is recognized as the oldest and most popular cloud storage service up to now. It allows you to save files online and at the same time sync them to your devices such as mobile phones or computers.

The platform proves extremely useful when sharing large files or folders with others. People can download and save their files into their own Dropbox account within seconds. However, this raises the concern that you can not know how many times your file has been downloaded.

You have 2 choices of using a short URL and Dropbox plugin to track downloads of your Dropbox files. It sounds complicated, and to some extent, it is, but you won’t face any issues if you carefully read this article.

In this post, we’ll also give you a bonus tip on how to protect WooCommerce product files hosted on Dropbox. Let’s hop in!

How to Count Dropbox Downloads

Method 1: Using Short URL Services

Bitly and short URL services show you the number of clicks your Dropbox shared files received as well as how many times they’re saved. These numbers partly express the favorite of users in your files.

It’s possible for you to see the click count of items in a specific range of time, including every hour, in 7 days, and 30 days. The geographical reports make it useful for you to see download counts in areas. You can see people from which locations clicked on your links the most to target for future marketing campaigns.

Method 2: Using Dropbox Plugin

Dropbox itself doesn’t provide a download link count feature by default. However, it does give developers the ability to create plugins to handling that via the Dropbox API function. This plugin is called Orange Dox.

You need to have Orange Dox connected with your Dropbox account to move on.


Right after you connect the 2 tools together, OrangeDox will retrieve the list of files in Dropbox.


There, select the file you intend to share, create a public URL, and add a name for it.


You can view and get the shared file’s URL by clicking on the chain icon next to its name. Send others this link anytime you want to share the file for downloading.

Simply click on the link title to see the click statistics of your file/folder. Sorting the report by days: today, yesterday, or a specific date range is also supported.

One limitation of these 2 methods you should notice is that you have the number of clicks only without the download times. This won’t exactly reflect the user’s behavior since some files have a high click rate but fewer downloads. This is because users tend to leave after they scan the content./a few users download them after scanning the content.

Bonus tip: Protect WooCommerce Products Hosted on Dropbox

WooCommerse proves its key role in WordPress e-commerce sites in decades thanks to its powerful features and flexibility. Still, you’re able to upload and store files over 2GB on the server. Plus, the bandwidth required for customers to download large files is really huge.

This prevents digital product providers like course websites or photographers from using this tool to sell products. Files like training videos lasting over 30 mins will of course steal you more than 2GB of storage.

Fortunately, solving this issue becomes as easy as pie by integrating WooCommerce with Dropbox. You now can sell large product files without any limitations.

It’s important to protect your WooCommerce product files from being shared, though. Since you own these files for commercial purposes, there is no reason to let users share the file with their relatives and friends without your permission. Consequently, you lose a huge amount of income and revenue.

How to Protect WooCommerce Products Hosted on Dropbox

Before starting, it requires to you install the PDA Gold plugin and the PDA Dropbox integration. Then, there are 2 main steps you need to follow to secure your WooCommerce products saved on Dropbox.

Begin by setting up the Settings page of the PDA Dropbox Integration you’ve just installed and activated. After that, insert Dropbox files to WooCommerce products.

Step 1: Configure Plugin’s Settings Page

Upon activation, head to the Prevent Direct Access Gold section on your WordPress admin menu and choose the Dropbox option.


You have to fill in the setting page with your Dropbox app key and access token information. This aims to connect your Dropbox account with your WooCommerce store.

Now, go to Products and create a new product page or edit an existing one.

Step 2: Insert Dropbox Files to WooCommerce Products

Scroll down to the bottom of the product page, you will see the Product data section. In the General tab, select which files you want to sell from Dropbox via the “Choose from Dropbox” button. Don’t forget to click Publish or Update the product to save them.

The next steps of selling products follow the same process of selling digital files hosted on WordPress Media Library. That’s it!

Dropbox Click Tracking Made Simple

With the support of Bitly and short URL services and Organe Dox, you can see how many clicks on your Dropbox files without any hassles. These tools provide you with an insight report on how many times users click on your files as well as where the clicks come from.

You can protect your WooCommerce products hosted on Dropbox too. Most of these are large file-size products and you can’t upload them to WordPress sites. To do so, installing the PDA Gold plugin and its PDF Dropbox Integration is a must.

Download the useful plugins and let them secure your WooCommerce products hosted on Dropbox today!

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